Spicy that you want to return home, "Tomato Tandoori Chicken Sand" "Cheese Tandoori Chicken Sand" Tasting Review

Lotteria released in JuneHot Tundy Chicken SandAs the new lineup of "Tomato Tandoori Chicken Sand" and "Cheese Tandoori Chicken Sand" began selling, so I went to eat at once.

Spicyness was as good as ever, without any mercy, making me think "I want to return home."
Two hot tandoori chicken sand, new appearance for a limited time! | Campaign · Topics | Lotteria

It is advertised as "Mild to be hot!" To be honest, when you see this propaganda complaint after eating it makes me want to shout "Lie !!!".

With this, we have three kinds of tandoori chicken sand. This time I am eating two new items.

In addition, I first learned that a new product called "Yukimi Sho Ice" has appeared. Of course ordering. Later on, this will be a lifeline.

A clerk started receiving motions in a busy state.

Menu selections. The red wrapping paper on the left side is Tomato Tandoori Chicken Sand, the left side is Cheese Tandoori Chicken Sand, the right side with pink color seal is Yukimi Sho Ice Strawberry, and the right side is Yukimi Sho Ice Azuki.

I tried out two kinds of tandoori chicken sandwiches from the bag. Tomato on the left and cheese on the right, each at 340 yen.

Tomato Tandoori Chicken Sand which feels really dangerous with bright red.

I feel that chicken is more red than tomato ... ....

Rather than expecting, rather than expectation, one of the editorial staff squeezed the impression with a spicy face saying "You should write more spicy caution and more." After eating a bit, sweat suddenly spreads to the forehead and neck, and after a while it gets hot around the stomach. When I drink a cold one on the way, I feel that the hotness is suppressed once, but as the coldness passes through my throat it seems that the temperature in the mouth gets higher unnecessarily. Would you like it if you like hot items like chili peppers?

One cheese.

I feel that the cheese has alleviated the spiciness somewhat, but the spicyness of chicken is not waning at all. If you are not good at painful things, it is also an option to give up on the way.

After eating such painful things, eat "Yukimi Sho Ice Ichigo" 190 yen.

"Yukimi Sho Ice Azuki" 190 yen. Honestly, compared to Yukimi Daifuku, the shoe fabric is quite large, so when you eat it, the plush and air will escape and it will deflate at a stretch. In addition, the shoe fabric has canceled the sweetness of vanilla ice in the meadow, and the taste of strawberry jam and azuki is also halfway, so that it is silent as ".........". However, it is after that painful thing, so it was a fact that even a little sweetness helped quite a bit. The fact is ... if you ordered this separately, it would be no mistake that it was not disappointing.

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