I found a GIGAZINE-like site in the movie `` Summer Wars ''


I noticed that there was a saucer with images earlier from the reader, but in the movie ``

Summer Wars '' directed by Mamoru Hosoda released on August 1, 2009, GIGAZINE seems to be a scene that displays net articles related to love machines The site is reflected.

Details are as below.
According to a reader from the reader,

It seems that GIGAZINE appears in the upper left of the screen around BD, 41:40.

It seems that.

I also sent an image. This is the scene.

Surely there is a GIGAZINE-like layout site in the upper left ... I feel like I've seen other sites somewhere ...

When I read somehow, July 30, 2010 13:05:00 'Kabukicho is flooded! Sudden flooding in Tokyo?' Or 'Emergency system malfunctions? 'Unknown trouble? OZ' 'JR delayed, suspended due to ongoing investigation' 'Some ANA flights were delayed for 2 hours due to system failure, recovery not expected' 'Water pipe rupture accidents occurred in various Tokyo areas' “OZ trouble?” “Damage due to system errors nationwide” “Countermeasures against account theft in OZ?” “OZ trouble? Account stolen” “Accident information”.

No, it ’s nice to be a little fancy.

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Please actually check what kind of sites are there other than GIGAZINE-like sites.

summer Wars
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