NTT DoCoMo's "sp-mode" communication trouble, in a situation hard to use nationwide

NTT DoCoMo 's smartphone ISP service' sp mode 'proved to be faulty.

Notice of communication failure: About the situation where it is difficult to use sp mode (3rd report updated at 3:15 pm on August 16th) | News | NTT DoCoMo

NTT docomo's fault information announcement page says that it is difficult to use "sp mode" from around 11:29 on August 16, and it is said that restoration work is in progress at the moment.

According to the presentation at 15:15 on August 16th, affected areas are covered all over the country and overseas, all users using sp mode. The cause is due to a malfunction of NTT DoCoMo's communication equipment, and details are currently under investigation.

· Updated at 17:05
At 16:15, the announcement "Currently gradually recovering" is done.

· Updated 21: 32
It is announced that it was restored at 18:29. In addition, as a cause of the failure, NTT Docomo's communication equipment failures and, concomitant, communication congestion occurred.

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