For the first time in about 17 hours au's 4G LTE compatible model data communication failure recovered, the impact is up to about 560,000

Au announced that it was recovered at 23:13 on May 29 at 5:20 am May 29 and at 9:00 am on the afternoon that the service became available in a stable manner did.

【PDF file】Data communication failure in au 4G LTE compatible models (5th report)

【PDF file】Data communication failure in au 4GLTE compatible model (Recovery report)

The maximum number of influences affected by this communication failure is about 560 thousand, and the obstacle area is part of "Tokyo, Kanagawa, Yamanashi prefecture", and the cause of the failure is a malfunction of the LTE base station control device , The details are "under investigation".

It is awaited to announce whether for a long time it has fallen into "situation in which data communication service in LTE can not be used or it is difficult to use" due to what caused the cause.

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Also, packet data communication failure of au 4G LTE compatible terminal has occurred - GIGAZINE

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