Sweetness Discreet adult carbonic acid 2nd "Dry sparkling" tasting review

Asahi Beverages in MayAdult carbonic acidAs the first series of seriesGreen CokeAlthough I released the second "Dry Sparkling" now, I bought it and tried drinking.

Details are as below.
Dry sparkling | Adult carbonic acid | Asahi Beverage

This is dry sparkling, one 140 yen (tax excluded).

Selling is to be an adult dry carbonic acid with "hard and dry stimulation".

Raw materials include malt extract and so on.

It is not a ginger ale, but it seems to be a ginger & tonic stimulating beverage.

I poured it into a glass.

Adult carbonic acidIt seems like sweetness is modest. The tonic-like stimulation is stronger than the ginger's flavor. Moreover, it may be enjoyable to arrange it by adding alcohol or the like, perhaps it is perhaps adult 's carbonic acid.

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