A picture of how many bears gathered together and keep capturing salmon all the while.

Bears do not perform collective actions basically, but are often spending solitary activities, but in the magnificent nature there are numerous bears gathered together, a photograph of a state of continuing to catch salmon unrelently is.

Details are as below.
If you go down to the woods ... Spectators watch from 10 metres away as 20 Brown Bears gather for annual salmon feast | Mail Online

A spectacle at Katmai National Park in Alaska, USA. A lot of bears are flowing where salmon that arrived at the spawning season is moving up to the river where it was born.

A bear trying to catch it with its mouth.

Facing opposing bears. I wonder if it became a game of prey.

Salmon trying to go up the river to keep offspring despite being targeted for life by bears. Given that such drama is being held annually, I will be reminded of the size and greatness of nature.

In addition, many people come to visit every year to put this picture in the photograph.

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