Unified with white from head to toe, cameraman who assimilated with snow and followed the ecology of the field rabbit

A pure white photographer who unified the white from the head to the toesak captured how the hare rabbits are performing courtship in the winter snowy field.

It is often thought that the breeding season of wild animals is spring, but the field rabbits are done several times a year. The pictures that caught up jumping around in a pure white landscape are powerful full marks, and they are just for the pure white equipments.

Details are as below.Boxing male hares trying to impress female mate in the snow | Mail Online

Photographer Robert Fuller covered up with a white cloth like white astronauts like astronauts, hats and cameras, and unified the whole body thoroughly with white. This is not a problem of fashion principle, of course, it was said that there was a purpose to assimilate with the snow that will accumulate on the hill of Yorkshire which was the shooting place.

Due to this thorough camouflage, Mr. Fuller succeeded in photographing the courtship behavior of the rabbit up.

Moreover, it is difficult to find so many rabbits at one time, so it may be said that any of these pictures is one of miracles. It seems that at this time 51 bunny rabbits had met together.

Male rabbits surround the females and show the strength as their animals. And if the female is ready for breeding, she escapes from the male and only male who won the chase leaves descendants.

Such courtship behavior seems to be done several times a year, not only in early spring, which is generally imaged. The appearance that the rabbits are flying around in a white snowy field of midwinter is quite unexpected and fantastic, and it may be unexpected that it will certainly be wanted to be covered with pure white equipment in order to take such a picture.

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