Cute pictures of a squirrel squirrel with doggy ornaments who are crazy as if they are in love

A figure of a realistic ceramic dog which is often placed in the garden of the house or entrance. Whether looking at the eyes of animals is real or not, the appearance of a squirrel who is curious and clinging to the dog's ornament as if it is wondering "Why not move?" Was filmed in Russia.

The contrast between a microtitled dish and a expressive squirrel seems to be expressing love with that handicap to a losing lover, and it is a pretty hilarious sight.

Pictures are from the following.A squirrel's bizarre obsession with a dog statue | Mail Online

The photograph was taken in the garden of a resident in the outskirts of Moscow by the inhabitants.

Have you felt something to communicate with a dog coat similar to yourself?

You can cling to your neck and you seem to be kissing.

He seems to have been staring at the face standing as if waiting for the reaction of the dog.

In the meantime, the squirrel remarked that he had kept fruit inside of him forever. Take a rest on your head and chew the nuts.

Are you looking into the dog's mouth this time? It looks like a pretty acrobatic kiss.

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