Convenient goods that make it impossible for someone to take a seat when leaving your seat "Sheet saver"

Personally, when I go to the cafeteria at college time and buy a ticket, when returning to my seat nearly ten people who are likely to be full of real occupy a whole area including their own seats , His bag which had been left for seating was thrown away somewhere. Even if you insist that you want us to sit down because it was taking a seat in the first place, it is indefinite to a large extent, "Haa, it is also proof? I do not say that other people are watching such a thing, , Everyone "to be defeated by a democratic majority vote, and to withdraw while leaning crying. If you have this goods then ... ...! That's why this "Seat Savers" is for people who are likely to have an old trauma switch, which surely will not be frustrating with this.

Details are as below.
Seat Savers (PIC) | I Can Has Internets

This is how we use it when leaving the seat

In short, this seat saver is a food sample. Therefore, there is the same thing in "PAGE 8" on the following page, and there are other things that are likely to be used quite well.

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