Anal bar that feels doubtful whether you can drink wonderfully

Also in JapanPrison pubYaMedical prison pubThere are more shops like drinking like strange places like, but overseas it seems there is something called "Anal BAR" that goes into the anus and drinks.

It is a bar with a concept that I do not care as a place to eat, but can I drink alcohol deliciously?

Details are from the following.
Atelier van Lieshout

This is an anal bar. It seems that people are entering the part of the large intestine and the anal part is an emergency exit.

I like mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine like a bonus.

Looking from the sky like this.

When spreading a table and umbrellas at the shop front it is like this. It should be fashionable if it is an ordinary shop, but somewhat strange sight.

Inside the anal bar is like this. Medium is surprisingly normal.

This bar was set up in the vicinity of the Vienna Museum in 2005, and it seems that such a store is not actually being opened in practice.

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