A school bus which is definitely stopped at a place not going by school learning

ByKentucky Country Day

Outside school learning, I think that it was a pleasant event for children who disliked studying by having lunch boxes with everyone going to a nearby amusement park or doing something close to camping on the sea or mountain. There is a place that never goes through such a school learning, but the appearance of a school bus stopped there has been confirmed. What on earth is it?

Details are as below.
This is the problem school bus.

World's Greatest Field Trip? (PIC) | I Can Has Internets

The place which is stopped is in front of the building called "PLEASURE EMPORIUM". There is a character "ADULT 24 HRS" next to it, so you may have come to the pin, but here is an adult shop dealing with adult goods etc. At least it is not a place to bring children with school learning.

If you look at the place where you are parking in front of the hotel without hiding, it may be that the driver of the school bus is not feeling well and just rushed to borrow the toilet.

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