Panasonic puts into practical use "non-contact charging system" that can wirelessly charge mobile phone etc.

"It can charge all kinds of devices such as mobile phones, smart phones, portable game machines and digital cameras without charging cables"Contactless charging systemIt became clear that Panasonic began to move toward practical application.

Although domestic manufacturers will start to move, expectation is spread, but in addition to being able to charge more efficiently than how ordinary AC adapter is, in addition to being able to avoid situations such as "It can not be charged due to poor contact of charging terminal" It seems to be.

In addition, the image above is the United StatesWireless charging technology "eZone" which QUALCOM exhibited at "Wireless Japan 2009"It is.

Details are as below.
Pana Electric Works, Practical Application of Contactless Charging System for Portable Electronic Equipment: Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun

According to the report of the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun,Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd., which has been decided to be unified as Panasonic brand alongside Sanyo Electric in April 2011He said that he began to propose adoption to device manufacturers using the completed demonstration unit, focusing on practical application of "contactless charging system" for portable electronic devices.

"Non-contact charging system" can be charged only by placing it on the charging pad if it is a device equipped with a power receiving device, it can share the charger even with different equipment. The power supply is performed by the same electromagnetic induction function as the electromagnetic cooker, setting the input to DC 5 volt, output 2.5 watts with USB power supply in mind. It is supposed to be adapted to portable game machines, mobile phones, multifunctional mobile terminals, digital cameras, etc.

The power transmission coil is kept within 30 mm square and 0.6 mm in thickness so that the charging function can be installed even in small terminals, and about 50%, which is the power transmission efficiency of a standard AC adapter for portable devices, , Which achieves about 70% power transmission efficiency, it is said that charging with less energy loss than before is possible.

By the way, in a paper written on the official page of Panasonic Electric Works, a method of reducing the standby power of a contactless charger, a paper written on how to reduce the standby power of a contactless charger can charge a battery only by placing it, It is easier to clean. "" Because the non-contact charging section can be made flat, it is easy to wipe off dirt and keep it clean "is cited as a merit.

(PDF file)Standby power reduction method for low power contactless charger
Non-Contact Battery Charger with Reduced Stand-By Power

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