I went to the only coffee special museum in Japan "UCC coffee museum" in Kobe

It is the only Japanese coffee specialty museum operated by UCC which released the world's first milk canned coffee. In the hall next to the UCC headquarters in Kobe, I saw that there was a coffee shop "Coffee Road" which gives a coffee of commitment, so I looked closely at what kind of feeling it was.

Details are as below.
"UCC Coffee Museum" located just south of Port Liner South Park Station.

There was a guide also on the premises of the station.

Next to the museum there is a head office building.

Metallic signs visible along the road.

There is a coffee shop in the same building.

Admission fee is 210 yen for adults, 100 yen for elementary and middle school students. A repeat ticket valid for one month is also 300 yen.

Pamphlet available at reception.

The inside of the hall is like this.

As UCC's can coffee will appear in "Evangelion New Theatrical Version: Destruction", director · Anno Hideaki and New Theatrical Version: Screen shot with signature of Tomoko Masuda in charge of 2D digital work was put on the break.

After climbing up with the escalator, we will see the spirally arranged exhibits.

You can also learn about the history of coffee. "Coffee · Rumba'S song teaches coffee to a man whose Arabo monk has forgotten love but seems to have the theory that it is a boy of a goat herding as a coffee discoverer and the theory that it is a Muslim monk .

It was said that the coffee was first introduced to Japan during the Genroku era and was brought by Dutch to Dejima of Nagasaki.

Statue of Viennese hero Korshitsky who took over the siege of the Turkish army and contacted friendly friends. He seems to have opened a cafe using coffee beans left behind by the defeated Turkish army.

A special exhibition room that is dedicated to the history of UCC.

It is decorated with old can coffee etc.

A minicar of a sales vehicle used in the early 1955.

There was a picture of a real car.

Canned coffee of the design that tea is coffee bean, white is coffee flower, red is image of coffee.

Disney land design canned coffee.

Libraries where you can see the TV commercials of the past.

You can browse by touching the touch panel. There was a CM of Jolt Cola in which Takeshi Kitano appeared.
YouTube - Jolt Cola CM of the CM library in the UCC Coffee Museum

Coffee beans of various countries around the world are spread under the globe.

Coffee is a genus Coffea of ​​the Rubiaceae on botanism, and three species of Aeakova, Lobelica and Riberita are used for drinking and their derivation.

A hemp bag containing coffee beans.

There were dolls etc. to taste to sort out coffee beans.

List of how to distinguish disadvantages of beans. If discoloration or wrinkles are found, it can be sorted out as useless beans.

There are various coffee extracting instruments depending on the country. This is a Brazilian automatic flannel drip coffee maker.

French balanced siphon.

Navia type coffee maker in France.

A coffee cup displayed as a slurry.

A cup used in Saxony court. There are two handles.

Espresso & Cappuccino machine that was exhibited at the Milan World Exposition in 1906.

Coffee advertisement posters around 1910. Eyes are gone for those who drink coffee by raising little finger than coffee.

Advertisement of "Brazil coffee" posted in Asahi Graph in August 1954.

The first edition of "All About · Coffee" that all of coffee such as history and cultivation is told.

At the end of the museum exhibition, you can receive a coffee certified quizzes. You can try up to 3 times with the number attached to the brochure.

Certificate issued by correct answer rate. If it is all correct answer, it will be "Coffee Daishi".

Certificate issuance corner.

This is the certificate that came out. The picture taken on the spot is in the upper right.

The monster "Momegon" made by collecting coffee beans.

Museum shop.

Coffee tree that flowers will bloom in about 3 years. 350 yen.

A coffee cover made of hemp which can also be a bag of coffee beans. 600 yen.

All about coffee translated into Japanese by UCC employees. Thirty thousand yen.

Beard cup. One customer is 840 yen.

With a shape like a half lid, even a person growing beard can drink coffee without having to worry about dying hair inside the cup.

Coffee candy. It is 100 yen with 8 capsules.

Expertise goods that can sort coffee beans.

A coffee shop "Coffee Road" in the same building as the museum. You can enter the tea room without paying admission fee.

In addition to the counter seat there is a table seat.

Menu table.

I asked Café Borgia. Coffee, chocolate, fruit taste and spice are combined and it is said.

It will be like this if you mix around with a cinnamon stick. Sweet tappuri, like a coffee milk I can drink even people who do not like bitterness. It is a fluffy mouth with milky, but you can taste the scent of deep coffee, the fruit makes the sourness gorgeous and there is a comfortable aftertaste remaining on the tongue. There are various chaotic ambitions, but cinnamon did not get in the way, and had a good harmony.

The location of the coffee museum is here. There are also IKEA etc. across the station so if you like coffee please go if you have the opportunity.

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