2 TB model HDD, already on sale at a price that cuts 9000 yen

We telled you that the HDD of 2 TB model last month is sold at a price that cuts down 10,000 yen, but it became clear that it is sold at the price already breaking 9000 yen.

As expected, at the end of JuneIt is the price when it was sold as a special price at "sofmap.com", 8480 yenI do not want to go there, but I do not need to worry about the number of units in particular, so it would be a nice thing to be able to buy it whenever I want.

Details are as below.
Price .com - WESTERN DIGITAL WD 20 EARS (2 TB SATA 300) Compare Prices

Major price comparison site "Price .com"Western Digital HDD" WD 20 EARS "equipped with 64 MB cache, which is the cheapest among 2 TB model HDDs, is sold at 8894 yen as of July 17, 2010 at 16:30 on July 17, 2010.

Price change historyIt is like this. From the end of June to the beginning of July, the lowest price which was about 11,000 yen by mid-May has fallen to about 9000 yen.

It seems that price fluctuation has stabilized to a certain extent, but is it truly as it is approaching the bottom price? If there is not much change in the future, it may be about time to buy.

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