Candy "Uita charcoal coffee candy" tasting review by UCC which gives a lot of coffee Reviews

Coffee candy "coal-finished coffee candy" by UCC which is issuing various coffee items from coffee beans to canned coffee.UCC Coffee MuseumBecause it was sold at a museum shop in 100 yen per box, I tried to eat what kind of taste it is.

Details are as below.
A coffee beanish golden sticker is affixed to the film on the outer box.

When I remove the film it looks something like this.

Coffee is used exactly as raw material.

The contents are 8 grains.

Because the candy itself is brown, it has become a coffee beanish atmosphere. The texture is like a butter candy like a butter candy.

Although the taste has bitterness compared to coffee gum and the like, sweet type like UCC milk & coffee. It may not be suitable for those who feel uncomfortable with "sweet coffee", but it seems that it is suitable for those who like the scent of coffee.

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