I drank legendary UCC coffee 'Bull Bompowante' with 100 grams 8400 yen

Coffee beans are about 500 yen for 100 grams if it is a specialty shop, 100 grams for 100 grams for supermarkets, but UCC will be releasing it with some stores and limited online from October 1 (Tuesday)Bull Bompowantou"How much 100 grams will be tax included 8400 yen. Bull Bompowantou was said to be a legendary coffee loved by writers and nobles in France in the past, but production has stopped for 65 years, UCC and French coffee specialists took seven years It cultivated and revived.UCC coffee museumI got souvenir when I went to, so I tried drinking it.

A cup of bliss, from here | BOURBON POINTU Official website | Coffee is UCC Ueshima Coffee

Bull Bompowantou is in a dedicated bag of young grass and brown.

In the bag there is a booklet / exclusive box, and it is a very high-class atmosphere.

The booklet looks something like this.

There are 12 photos and episodes of Burbon Bompowantou.

The picture looks something like this. As post cards one sheet is fashionable and has an atmosphere.

Bulbowpowantou is cultivatedReunionThere are also photos of the island.

Twelve kinds of episodes are written, it is written about the history, cultivation history, roasting method and taste of Bourbonponpanteu

He was also very favored by Louis XV and Walter Barzac.

Premium package like cosmetic box. It seems to cost considerably only with this box and accessories.

If you open the premium package, you will get a certificate of production area and pottery.

This is the certificate of production area of ​​Bourbonponpantou.

The reverse side is written in English.

Pottery coffee case also has a luxurious feel in French style.

Bull Bow Powant to print on the case. I will open the case of pottery.

When opening it found a light-tight bag.

Take out like this. Because it is 100 grams, the amount of beans is a bit small.

Illustrations of beans are also drawn.

Raw materials and production areas are written on the back, and Reunion Island located near Madagascar Island is French territory, so the origin is France.

When you open it, the scent of coffee spreads.

The coffee beans look like this. It looks quite ordinary beans ... ...

Commercially available coffee beans sold on the left is Burubompowantou, right is Super etc. "Poantu" means "sharp" in French, and when you compare it like this, it certainly is slightly longer and thinner than regular coffee beans.

Extract the beans as much as 13 grams, grind it with a slightly rough grind

The rest is almost the same as placing ordinary coffee.

Put beans in a coffee mill ......

Scrape the beans with crackling.

This coffee mill is 12 grams per cup, but we cut two cups of coffee beans slightly more and cut about 26 grams.

I made it to a slightly rough grind according to the recipe.

Next I set the paper.

Fold the lower part of the paper alternately ......

Set in the dripper.

Drop the ground coffee beans on the paper.

Next drip drip with hot water. First of all, let the coffee beans hot water ......

Steam for about 20 seconds.

After steaming, pour hot water and extract it. I will drip the hot water to draw the letters of "na".

Extraction is completed. There is no big difference in appearance, it looks like ordinary coffee.

Pour into a cup of coffee ......

Completion There is a good scent of freshly brewed coffee. I decided to drink it.

Because bitterness is not strong, it may be because refreshing of beans is weakened, I feel refreshing acidity. Although there is little bitterness, coffee-like feeling is firmly felt. I understand that the scarcity is very high, but it may be hard to feel a luxury feeling.

I will eat it by soaking it in a biscuit according to the recommended way of eating.

The taste of coffee goes well with the sweetness of biscuits. I feel that it's a waste because it is a high-class coffee, but it's a pretty compatible feeling.

Next I try to make it an afghard by ice cream.

It is a place I want a little bitter taste to use for Afghard, but compatibility with ice cream is also good. In a salon where French aristocracy in the 17th century gathers, it seems that coffee and this coffee were often acted.

Bull Bompowantou will be mailed to you with some stores and online from October 1 (Tue). If you are a coffee mania, you can try drunk once in a lifetime. It will renewal open on Tuesday, October 1UCC Coffee Museum Coffee MuseumI can drink this coffee even inside.

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