GIGAZINE 2010 summer vacation present plan "Please answer the questionnaire and bring it all together"

It has been raining since this time, but it is almost time to get to the summertime on a calendar. I decided to carry out a gift plan to release a thing that might be happy if it is in summer vacation, as if it does not seem to be related to such a thing.

In this time, Dyson's fan without feather "Air MultiplierAnd"Love plus +" Love flower · Rinko · Ningyo travels on the front cover "Television Broth" all five typesset,Super strong sheet for iPad and iPhone "invisibleSHIELD",Megakiya's autograph 'Legend of the Legendary Heroes of the Legend' Volume 1And "Machi ★ Assobi vol.3"Heralia Axis Powers Paint it white!" "Tales of Symphonia" illustration entrance ceremonial entrance ticket,Autographed by Yaga Satoru "Chigo and the red heart of the lost child", Earth software's high-definition capture board "PV4"We prepared more than 30 items in total.

What kind of people are reading GIGAZINE? It also serves as a questionnaire, but I do not need a gift, but even if I cooperate with the questionnaire it is OK! It is very much appreciated if the person saying is also answered. So, the application method of gifts planning and premium list etc. are from the following.Application period
From 22:00 on Friday, July 16, 2010 to 23:59 on Friday, July 30, 2010.

◆ Winner announced
As for the winner, since the mail arrives at the mail address at the time of entry from GIGAZINE editorial department after Friday, July 30, 2010 (Fri), it is ok if you can reply to the mail address of the shipping destination in a reply to that mail .

◆ Gift list
Please enter the number as "1" or "2" in "Number of gift you want" on the application page. If gifts are unnecessary, please write "None".

· Gift number "1": Fans without Dyson's feather "Air Multiplier AM 01 Table Fan 25 cm (Iron / Satin Blue)One car, one person
What kind of mechanism can do this kind of thing is "Dyson Air Multiplier, a new Dyson fan without feathers, a movie that understands what the heck is like a movie Various moviesPlease refer to.

· Gift number "2":Anime and dinosaur shaped rubber band "Animal Rubber Band" set,1 person

· Gift number "3":SanDiskEco Bag and Index Case for Memory Card Case, 5 People

The tote bag is quite large.

· Gift number "4":Animate released in commemoration of the evasion of Eva 'Nerv' s headquarters 'supplementary meal dinner lunch box'Lunch box and Nelf chopstick set, 1 person

Since the taste has been reviewed, the contents are empty. It is washed thoroughly.

· Gift number "5": Free paper "EVA EXTRA 07"2 books and all animation / gamers limited benefits clothing change sticker all 8 kinds set, 1 person

· Gift number "6": "Machi ★ Assobi vol.3"Memorial station campus admission ticket" Sky boundary "" Hetalia Axis Powers Paint it white! "" Tales of Symphonia "1 set each, 2 people

· Gift number "7": Movie "Air benderPair special appreciation ticket, 10 people

· Gift number "8":The world's first next-generation shop "Shibuya Koen branch shop" is the leading role in "Kentucky not fried with oil"However, 2 glasses used, 1 person
I got souvenirs when I went to press preview.

· Gift number "9":Gangan June issue where "FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST" was posted just before the last roundAn appendix set, 1 person
It is a clear file and a pencil pen.

· Gift number "10":"Love plus +" Love flower · Rinko · Ningyo travels on the front cover "Television Broth" all five typesSet, 1 person

· Gift number "11":Super strong protective sheet "invisibleSHIELD" that will protect even if it gets crackled with a 10-yen coin or electric screwdriverAnd KAGAYA design constellation series All 12 skin pieces for iPad, 1 person

· Gift number "12":Super strong protective sheet "invisibleSHIELD" that protects even if the surface is crackled with a 10-yen coin or electric screwdriverAnd KAGAYA design constellation series All 12 skin pieces for iPhone, 1 person

· Gift number "13":ThinkGeekT-shirt · Wi-Fi Detector Shirt which receives radio waves of wireless LAN · 1 person

· Gift number "14": You can attach iPhone 3G / 3GS to your bicycleICarry Series IH913,1 person

· Gift number "15": You can attach iPhone 3G / 3GS to the carIH917·IH918·IH919,3 people
Although the shape of each arm is different, I am looking forward to which one will arrive.

· Gift number "16":Tokyo Game Show 2010 Pair General Admission Ticket, 20 people

· Present number "17": Competitive high-speed battle action released by Japan Falcom from July 29 for PSP "Ys vs. Sky's trajectory Alternative Saga",3 people

· Gift number "18":Evangelion Entry Plug Tablet 3 types,1 person
The contents tablet is pulled out.

· Gift number "19":Logitech wireless mouse M505,1 person
It was opened as it was used once for review articles.

· Gift number "20": DVD "Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Kiseki's Birthday",1 person

· Gift number "21":
Clear file and box set of limited quantity "Eva-bashigaki BOX",1 person

· Present number "22": strictly built up to the back of the spike, the monthly afternoon appendix "Big fleeing"Gennitsu cell phone strap 4 pieces set, 1 person

· Present number "23": Monthly afternoon appendix "Oh my goddess"Figure set, 1 person

· Present number "24": Monthly afternoon appendix "Animal examinationsKanako Oono Purupuru figure, 1 person

· Gift number "25":The 15th NHK Mile Cup (GI) Friendship Fair of the Japan Racing Association (JRA)Souvenir set, 1 person
Inside is a horse-sized pattern tie, micro fiber cleaner, ballpoint pen etc.

· Gift number "26":"Tales of Vesperia" Original Mug Cup sold in Lotteria2 pieces, 1 person

· Gift number "27": Collaboration calendar of Pizza Hut and "One Piece" movie 10th "STRONG WORLD", 1 person

The design looks something like this.

· Gift number "28": Pizza Hut's"Macross F pizza box","Maria-sama ga miteru" pizza box,1 person
It is an unused item.

· Gift number "29":"Legend of the Legendary Heroes' Legend" signed by Kagami Yaya SenseiVolume 1 and a set of "Monthly Legendary Tea" No. 1, 1 person

The first volume of "The Legendary Heroes' Legend" that fulfilled the animation and the first issue of "Monthly Legend" which was distributed limitedly by animate, but soon disappeared. Both are signed.

· Gift number "30":Signed by Professor Yaga Satoru "Chigo and the red heart of the lost child",2 people

All color colorful manga with valuable signature of Professor Yuka who has never signed.

· Gift number "31": Movie version "Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 1stBrochure, 1 person

In a stage greeting a long lineA pamphlet of the theatrical version Nanoha that was made. Manga by four writers are also posted on the content of fulfilling 96 pages.

· Gift number "32":Gundam Jet collaboration between ANA and GundamPost card with sticker you got on board, 2 people

· Gift number "33":Film "Goat and Men with Men and the Wall" Drawing the Activity of the US Army Electric Force (?) Preliminary Show Pair Tickets, 15 people
Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday, 18:00 / Opening at 18:30 (screening time: 94 minutes), the venue isShinjuku Meiji Yasuda Life Hallis.

· Gift number "34":Movie "Frozen" sticker & post card,Five people
Three men and women get on the lift at the ski slopes, but they stop on the way, and the clerk goes home without noticing that someone is left. Because it is a ski resort that is open only on weekends, the next time people come in 5 days. What is the means taken by the three people left behind in the desert situation? From August 7Cine Quint and others nationwide sequential road show.

· Gift number "35": Earth software's high-vision capture board "PV4",1 person

That's why, please apply for presents from the form below.

GIGAZINE.NET gift application form

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