I tried Seven Eleven's 2 week limited sale menu "Let's eat with homemade rice oil! Fried rice"

Seven Eleven develops a new menu using "Eating Rice Oil", "Let's eat with homemade rice oil! Fried rice" which had been followed by only one type was released from Tuesday, July 13, so I bought it and ate it and tried it.

The one that was released last week was mainly noodles, but is that selling this fried rice only after it is putting emphasis on commodities using rice?

Details are as below.Product using 'Eat Larry' newly appeared! | Seven - Eleven Japan

This is "Eat with homemade rice oil! Fried rice" (420 yen including tax)

The calorie is slightly higher, 794 kcal.

Looking at the name of the raw material, there is a new expression "Almond-filled oil-in-water". In addition to garlic flakes and onions, rare ingredients such as burdocks are also included.

I opened the lid.

In the middle of a light yellow egg fried rice, a cup full of rice oil is settled.

Equipment is large, you can see by observing slender burdock with eyes. When I tried eating with rice oil alone, on the official website, it was described as "Rich oil not too spicy that left a crispy texture of fried garlic", it is roughly matched but only the part of "crisp crack" is a little doubtful Where remains. It is a feeling that the texture such as burdock is conspicuous rather than crispy.

I mixed all over the fried rice uniformly. Fried rice before adding larceny was a common salt based flavor and it seemed like I wanted to rework a bit of pickled items, but it changed to tasty flavored taste due to the monotony of taste disappeared by mixing rice oil. The spicy is modest, the fragrance of sesame oil is fairly solid, the balance of taste has improved considerably. Although there is an appearance impact that rice oil is attached to, the fried rice itself has high perfection degree as rice, so it is enough to think that it was good as "fried rice cooked rice" after mixing from the beginning It was a workmanship. Anyway, because it is a product for a limited time of two weeks, if you see it you may try eating it.

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