Reproduce masterpiece movies such as "Star Wars" with GIF animation

Speaking of "Star Wars" is a monumental sci-fi sci-fi movie whose silent child is silent. Even now NHK animation "Star Wars / Clone Wars」Is broadcasted and still boasts the popularity that I can not think that more than 30 years passed since the first work was released. A person appeared saying that such a masterpiece movie was reproduced with GIF animation. The image has been simplified considerably, and there is no audio, but if you have seen the movie still, it's a wonderful achievement saying "Oh yes!

In addition to "Star Wars", masterpieces such as "Aliens", "Back to the Future" and "Indiana Jones" series are reproduced. It seems that the effort at the time of production was considerable.

Details are as below.
It is said to be a pixel artistFoldsFiveSomething that was produced by.

"Star Wars episode IV new hope" has 807 animated pieces.
Star Wars - A New Hope

"Counterattack of the Empire" breaks 1000 of the number of animations by the number of animations, 1009 large pieces.
Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back

And "Return of Jedi" 1042 pieces. I draw the story of the grand universe with the number of sheets corresponding to it.
Star Wars - Return Of The Jedi

Other works can be seen from the following. It is a nice set of works that none of this is grin.
PixelMash Theater

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