Does the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications formulate guidelines for SIM unlocking, will foreign smartphones become available in Japan?

In "Public hearing on the way of SIM lock of mobile phone terminal" conducted in April by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications,Four companies, NTT Docomo, KDDI, SoftBank Mobile, and eMobile, agreed to "respond if the user requests," against SIM lock releaseThe Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications started moving to formulate guidelines for SIM unlocking, but finally the guidelines were formulated.

The expectation that SIM lock is released is that it will be able to use the terminal that other carriers are offering, but smartphones etc. made by overseas manufacturers that are sold abroad are also easy to do in Japan Will it become available?

Details are as below.
Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications | Publication of 'SIM Lock Release Policy'

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications announced today that "Guidelines for unlocking SIM" were formulated. This guideline is based on the opinion recruitment for the draft of the hearing results and the guidelines on the way of SIM lock of the mobile phone terminal made to mobile phone operators etc. in April this year.

Formulated "(PDF file) Guidelines for canceling SIM lockAccording to "SIM unlocking will be implemented from those that can be dealt with among newly released terminals since FY2011.

In the guideline, in order to notify mobile phone operators, terminals that are subject to SIM lock cancellation, conditions of disengagement, procedures and fees in advance to the user, and to cancel the SIM lock, It is obligatory to explain the disadvantages, such as the possibility that all or part of the use of communication services and applications will be restricted when using SIM cards.

In addition, unless there is a legitimate reason for refusing to provide communication services, the cellular phone service provider is required to respond to the provision of the service to users using terminals other than the terminals sold by the company In addition to the case where the terminal does not comply with technical standards, it is stipulated that it is necessary to respond to requests for connection from users.

That is, as long as the terminal itself does not conform to the technical standards, as long as it has a terminal compatible with the communication service provided by the cellular phone service provider,Whether the terminal is domestic or overseas, there is a possibility that some or all of the services may be restricted, but mobile phone operators need to respond to cases where users are requested to provide communication servicesIt seems to be said that.

Acquiring the technical standard conformity certification mark (technical tactic mark) by an individual still has a high hurdBecause it seems that it will not be possible to use foreign-made terminals in the domestic situation very easily, but by the development of this guideline, how much improving the convenience of users using overseas-made terminals Cow.

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