Naked cowboy calls for a bare cowgirl who resembles himself

"Naked cowboy" wearing only one boots and pants on the cowboy hat strumming the guitar in the streets infringes on their own trademark right, playing the guitar in the same way in the bikinis "Naked Cowgirl "to pay the usage fee.

Details are as below.
Naked Cowboy takes legal action against Naked Cowgirl |

A naked cowboy often appearing in Times Square in New York Robert Burck requested Sandra Brodsky to stop appearing similar to himself as a naked cowgirl wearing a cowboy hat wearing a bikini in the same way That's right.

A naked cowboy who plays at Times Square.
YouTube - Naked Cowboy Times Square New York City 2003

A naked cowgirl looks like this.
YouTube - The Naked Cowgirl - J Love Rice Krispi Dance NYC

They seem to have also played together.
YouTube - Naked Cowboy Naked Cowgirl, Times Square

If Sandra gains profit on photography, sign the "Naked Cowboy Agreement" and pay $ 5,000 a year (about 440,000 yen) or 500 dollars a month (about 44,000 yen) per year after receiving a review Robert insists that it is necessary. However, Sandra seems to argue that he is not obliged to Robert.

By the way, the naked cowboy has already filed a lawsuit that M & amp; M 'S is using a character similar to himself.

In the news at the time of the lawsuit, you can see the characters that M & amp; M 'S made appear on the store display in Times Square.
YouTube - FTD - Thema vom 16.02 .: Naked Cowboy verklagt Mars

It seems that sometimes naked cowgirls other than Sandra appeared in Times Square.
YouTube - Naked Cowgirl in times square

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