Spielberg 's movie' ET 'was originally a movie that would have been like SF horror movies

Steven Spielberg's film "E. T.Is a heartfelt science fiction movie that depicts interactions with extraterrestrial life bodies and boys that have been left behind on the planet, but in the first place it was a movie of "SF horror" at first. Even Wikipedia "Originally scheduled script was "Extraterrestrial life like like gremlin fears a certain farmer"Although it is written, it was unclear what kind of thing was at the first point in time.

However, a movie that reproduces the atmosphere that probably will be this if it is a movie for publicity of the first low-budget version "E.T." made by YouTube horror film production team at the time is released.

Therefore, the reproduction is from the following.
YouTube - E.T. Extraterrestrial Trailer - SiFi Horror

According to the explanation, the production that made this horror movie has run out of money around the end of the project, left for one year, and the shooting ended while being aborted on July 8, 1980. The movie for this promotion was shown to the famous movie company around here as part of the original unlimited movie, and eventually it was bought by Steven Spielberg. Spielberg thought that it was more suitable as a heart - warming family adventure, not as a lower SF horror, reconstructing the entire film and adding a lot of additional scenes. As a result, it became "E.T." that we know well today.

The beginning of the movie. It is fragile.

It is a scenario which is strangely convincing if I think whether it was turned into a horror movie if I made a mistake around here.

"It came from outer space ... ...."

A mysterious light to be inserted through the window, an alien invasion!

Horacic atmosphere, strange tranquility is eerie


"And it came to kill ... ...."

The mysterious spaceship, the invaders who roll out from there, exactly the earth SOS!

While shouting "E · te!" Idea of ​​shivering thing called a laser beam from the fingertip. A mysterious monster from the fingertip! Huhpu!

Zazzza ... secret agency of the government coming to overthrow the cosmic organism

Wow Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! It is! It is!

Certainly, it is a horror movie no matter where you look.

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