Visiting the stables of Akira Shirai, a master's degree graduate student

In the past, in the horse racing world, most of the trainers were from jockeys or most of the relatives of the trainer. However, Akira Shirai, who has a stable at the Kurito Training Center, has a unique career, having graduated from university and became a general affairs worker, and then became a training assistant and then a trainer.

Following the Japan Derby Training Show and the Ritsuto Training Center Tour , you can visit the Shirai Shishatsu, which has managed the Special Awards that have won the Emperor Awards Spring and Fall continuously and Agnes Digital who has been active in both Shiba and Dirt. The

At the stables, I could hear some of the certificates and wins of the victory that Shirai had won so far, as well as a small story when Shirai managed a horse.

A sign I saw while moving to the stables in Tresen, 'Horse priority'. As a racehorse training center, horses have priority over cars.

So, I arrived at Shirai Stables. The training center in Ritto is updating its facilities, and Shirai Kensha has already become a new building.

A state of being dressed in something.

I was shown the certificate and victory ray placed in the stables. This is from the 56th Oaks (1995) won by the dance partner.

Ray of the 65th Nippon Derby next to the entrance, the winning horse is a special week.

In 1999, he won the Most Winning Tutor Award.

Ray of the 119th Emperor's Prize (Spring) held in 1999. The winning horse is a special week.

The 120th Emperor of the Year award (Autumn), the winner is another special week. The emperor award was won since the 1988 Tamamo Cross.

Mr. Shirai and the 19th Japan Cup winner Rei. Of course the winning horse is a special week. Special Week this year, GIs won 5 games, 3 wins and 2 wins and 2 wins.

Next to that, Ray of the 124th Emperor Awards (Autumn), the winner is Agnes Digital.

Horses for Special Week.

Agnes Digital's number. It was placed too casually and I thought it was a sofa cover ......

It was a

live concert that won the Kyoto Gold Cup this year that I was shown right away. By the way, Rev. Shirai has won 16 consecutive consecutive major awards (since 1995).

There were active horses in the stables, and a two-year-old horse that was about to debut.

This is 2 Toshiba-

Hou Shou King

Two-year-old horse-shoring of Shirai Akira Shosha-YouTube

Good looking Pisano alhambra and Pisano Rhodan . These two are brothers.

Shirai Stables Pisano alhambra and Pisano Rhodan brothers-YouTube

The food we are feeding is carrots, and bananas.

Various tools used for training.

Horses are really unique. There are various types of horses, such as horses that are obsessed even when you point the camera, horses that go to bed and don't get up, and horses that come close to the camera with curiosity.

Where are you looking at?

I love carrots.

It features a woven mane.

Looking at the camera all the way.

But the character is naughty. This is quite serious going to bite.

After this, I was able to hear the story of the teacher Shirai. As I mentioned at the beginning, Shirai teacher is an uncommon type of jumping into this world without connection after graduating from university. She liked her horse since she was a child, and she wanted to be a horseman because she was small, but her sister was only one son at most, so her parents wanted to go on to school, and she renounced the world of horse racing once. The However, I thought that I became stronger while going to the ranch quietly, and it was said that I took the general clerk examination when I was in university for three years. At this time, she was angry that she was not a student yet, and she said, 'If you are willing to come again, please come and see me again.' is. By the way, in this test, he said, 'I want to be a derby horse trainer' and told my dream of the future, and told the examiner, 'I have never seen a person who has said that before.'

Shirai, who joined Ueda Takeshi as a general affairs officer, became a training assistant in 5 years, and got a training license in 10 years and became independent. Until then, I could not be a trainer unless I was a retired rider, but it was thanks to Ryotaro Nakao , a Shinzan official, becoming a trainer and opening the way. As a trainer, she manages dance partners, special weeks, Agnes Digital, etc. Special Week is a calm child among Sunday Silences, which has a lot of violent horses. Mr. Shirai said that this was because Special Week died of her mother soon after birth and was raised by Trotter .

Furthermore, teacher Shirai's talk is exciting, and it is a teacher who places importance on horse weight. 'Tell me a little when you think horse weight is plus or minus 10 kg.' I received it.

The last is a horseback riding experience at a horseback riding boat.

Horseback riding horses here are all former racehorses. Among them, this

Atalaxia is a very impressive horse that came in third in the 2000 Japanese Derby. By the way, the winning horse is an Agnes flight and the second is an air shakar .

It was a meeting at 5:40 AM, so it was just past lunch time at the end, but I felt like I was playing around for a whole day. People who actually buy betting tickets, of course, can enjoy quite a lot of things even people who know only horse racing in the game, so please apply if you have the opportunity.

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