[Old News] Japan Derby horse Winning Ticket dies at the age of 33

The winner of the 1993 Japan Derby (Tokyo Yushun), who was called '

BNW ' after winning the classic race with Taishin Narita and Biwahayahide.The winning ticket was released in February 2023 due to colic . Died on the 18th. I was 33 years old.

Winning Ticket was born in 1990. In the GII Yayoi Sho held in March 1993, he came in first place, and was given priority entry to the G1 Satsuki Sho. Satsuki Sho, who challenged as the most popular, carried the race from the middle of the group of horses, and although he approached Biwahayahide, who was ahead in a straight line, he did not improve, and Narita Taishin, who drove in from behind, was overtaken by Cyclenon Sheriff and finished 4th.

1993 Satsuki Award (GI) | Narita Taishin | JRA Official-YouTube

In the Japanese Derby, which became the most popular again, he won as popular. He brought victory to Masato Shibata , a veteran jockey who had challenged the Japanese Derby 18 times in the past but had never won.

1993 Japanese Derby (GI) | Winning Ticket | JRA Official-YouTube

In the Kikkasho, Biwahayahide was the most popular and won by updating the Japanese record. Winning ticket was 3rd place.

1993 Chrysanthemum Award (GI) | Biwa Hayahide | JRA Official-YouTube

After that, he finished second in five races, and his racehorse registration was canceled in February 1995. From 1995 to 2005, he lived as a stallion and issued a Berg ticket that won GIII and Fairy S. After that, he was a meritorious horse at Urakawa Yushun Village AERU .

Rival Narita Taishin died in April 2020, and Biwahayahide died in July 2020.

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