Public release of GIGAZINE's Twitter official account, also released the history up to here

As I wrote in April,Delete GIGAZINE impersonation accountAs a result of examining various things when GIGAZINE was also officiallyTwitterI decided to start.

So, the details of the address of GIGAZINE official account on Twitter and the details up to here are from below.
The official account of GIGAZINE is ""Will be.

Gigazine (gigazine) on Twitter

Basically, when GIGAZINE's articles are updated, it is RSS-like feeling that the contents are flowed on Twitter, and in the case of GIGAZINE articles, the abbreviated URL is "Gigaz.inIt is a mechanism to become.

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I will write about the rough circumstances up to here for memo purposes.

· Around October 10, 2007
GIGAZINE also went to officially start Twitter to get an account, but it turned out that "gigazine" had already been taken about three days ago and it was frustrating. At this point the Twitter account was early first, so give up on opening an official account.

· Around September 2008
Discovering an account that is acting as a nuisance on Twitter, reporting to Twitter Japan at that time, but it was coldly challenged by Twitter's support Sean, setbacks. It is not thought at the moment but it was such a feeling back then.

· Around December 2009
Frequent inquiries about GIGAZINE 's Twitter official account will come. At this point I have identified all the accounts that are sending GIGAZINE 's RSS to Twitter and summarized it including contacts and developers and listed it.

· Around January 2010
Instead of getting the contents of GIGAZINE's RSS and sending it directly to Twitter, I found a Twitter account that is improperly earning money by inserting Amazon's affiliate between. By following more various parties it turned out why on Twitter that impersonation is thought to be GIGAZINE official.

· March 11 - April 3, 2010
"How to delete an account "spoofing" on TwitterAs I wrote, delete a malicious spoofing account and report it. In the future, in order to prevent impersonation, we have reached the conclusion that there is no choice but to open an official account, and we regain the "gigazine" account that gave up in October 2007.

As I felt at this time, Twitter as well, remarkable in various online service systems, especially social services that appeared from around the time Web 2.0 was said to be like commenting on the public place There are many cases that there is no way to contact the principal directly in addition to the method. As a result, in order to communicate to the principal, it is surprising that there is no choice but to inform the operation source as a violation of the regulations or to only appeal to legal means. For example, in the case of GIGAZINE's YouTube account, it was taken by another person first, but in the case of YouTube there was a way to contact the other party directly, so we could contact and send the account gently I was able to receive it. Regardless of the contact point being anywhere against anything that would normally go smoothly without getting important even if contact could be obtained anyway, anyway, "Because we put this much effort on thoroughly There are so many cases that there is no choice but to do ".

· May 2010
GIGAZINE's 10th anniversary memorial lectureSince it is over, I will start working on Twitter official account opening work. For the time being, I manually write it on Twitter ...... It seems that it takes more time and effort even though I do not have time or human resources even though I am just getting the content of RSS and sending it to Twitter, So I decided to organize a system that can do such things and such things. For that reason, we decided to try online services that flow from various RSS to Twitter.

In this process, I have learned what to focus more and more. Particular emphasis was on the following two points.

Update speed

For example, the RSS feed service owned by Google "FeedBurner"The function that works with Twitter has been added, but the update interval is the shortest one hour. This type of service is the biggest "Twitterfeed"Is the shortest every 30 minutes. Large share as online Twitter clientHootSuiteEven though there is a function to link RSS and Twitter, the update interval is the shortest every hour. In this way, I realized that it takes time to reflect and reflect. Again, here is where we want to reflect on Twitter as quickly as possible.

· Shortened URL

Regarding short URLs that shorten URLs that are rather short like Google Maps addresses, in the case of Twitter the default setting is ""Is supposed to be used. Since this itself is also an affiliated company on Twitter, affinity is outstanding, and detailed statistical data can be taken by registering on user at side. In fact, this actually makes it possible to use our own domain "Bitly.ProThere is something like that. For example, in the New York Times, it is shortened URL "". By doing this, it will lead to increasing the reliability of the abbreviated URL.

As a result, what I decided to use at the moment is "Dlvr.itOnline service called. The update interval is as short as 15 minutes and can be updated instantly manually. You can also use your own domain as a shortened URL, and etc. can be selected.

It is probably the last episode in this system of streaming RSS to Twitter and just started public beta in March 2010. Operation source is strange as it is handling RSS of GIGAZINEPheedois. I will post the later as well, but as far as the last episode has been researched about similar services so far, the idea is a little "Yahoo PipesIn the same way, I felt that I was doing very well, because it aimed to pour update contents of blogs, that is, RSS to every social service as well as Twitter.

So, I'd appreciate it if you follow us on Twitter's official account of GIGAZINE.

Gigazine (gigazine) on Twitter

※ The above image is "Twignature (twigature)I tried making it with.

In addition, except on special occasions such as events, we assume that it will be updated automatically and completely as described above, so point out some misspellings like "Here's wrong!" Towards GIGAZINE account on Twitter Even though it does not matter, no one in the editorial department perceives it at all,Dedicated form for misspellings hereIt is very helpful if you point out from.

2010/05/22 0:33 Addendum
Thirty minutes have passed since the followers have surpassed 1000 people. Thank you for the followers GIGAZINE readers!

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