Recorded how my daughter suffered from sexual abuse and arrested mothers who sent them to their daughter's boyfriend. In prison sentence 58 years

A lonely mother, who recorded a video of his young boyfriend's sexual abuse against her daughter and sent the DVD to her daughter's boyfriend was arrested and sentenced to 58 years in prison It went down. Although it seems that the advisory committee asked to put suspended execution, the prosecutor said that it is overwhelmed that "it is impossible to think such as putting a suspended execution on such a crime".

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Bobbie Jo Geveshausen videotapes sexual abuse of her 16-year-old daughter, gets 58 years in prison - Kansas City News - Plog

Bobbie Jo Geveshause (43), a boyfriend, Edward D. Shockey (35) likes to film sexual abuse videos to his daughter who is 16 years old and sometimes participated in it. This bad thing was discovered from the abuse situation was suppressed in the DVD which Shockey sent to the victim's boyfriend. At first, the boyfriend seemed to think that this DVD was a music video, but when it was played it was ridiculous, so it seems he submitted it to the police at once. These DVDs do not know whether Shockey made a mistake trying to lend a music video or was intentional at the moment of the press.

Face picture of Geveshause

Shockey's face photo

Eric Zahnd, Prosecutor of Platte County, said, "I can not imagine the mother's decay that my daughter will be willing to help but be sexually abused," he said, "I can not imagine such a crime I can not do On the other hand, it can not be anything other than the Missouri Declaration Declaration Declaration Advisory Committee to encourage suspended execution ", it seems that the state is awed by the state saying to put suspended execution.

In addition to sexual abuse against the daughter of Geveshause, Shockey's sending DVD also shows a state that Shockey and Geveshause have sexual relations with girls who are obviously pregnant, and Geveshause 5 cases of sexual exploitation against minors,SodomyHe seemed to acknowledge two crimes and was sentenced to 58 years in prison. About Shockey who is an executing offender seems to have been sentenced to 25 years in prison due to sexual exploitation to minors, sodomy, child pornography and so on.

17: 39 Addendum
In the State Law of Missouri, rape refers only to vaginal intercourse, and sexual intercourse with mouth and anus seems to be specified as sodomie, so we fixed it.

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