Yodobashi camera banned online shopping Apple to a small counterattack, Sony recommends Sony products


We can not sell our products except for retail stores that Apple signed a contract with "Authorized Japan Apple Reseller AgreementFollowing the introduction of "On April 23, we announced that Yodobashi Camera of a major consumer electronics retailer was unable to sell Apple products at the company's mail-order site "Yodobashi · dot · com" etc and stopped handling Apple productsHowever, it became clear that we are doing very interesting measures.

Depending on the viewpoint, it seems to be a small counterattack against Apple.

Details are as below.
A page of iPod that is opened on Yodobashi camera mail order site "Yodobashi · dot · com". Since it is impossible to mail-order with Yodobashi · dot · com for all Apple products, it is stating that delivery of goods will be done at each Yodobashi camera store for users considering ordering. - iPod - Audio - AV Equipment - Product List

Product page of iPod touch 64GB model. - Apple iPod iPod touch 64GB [MC011J / A]

Detailed description of the item. For users who can not receive Yodobashi camera's shop front, Walkman equipped with Sony's "noise canceling function"NW-X1000 seriesIn addition to being recommended, within Yodobashi · dot · comWalkman feature pageA link to is posted.

Also on the page of the iPod nano 16GB model Walkman "NW-S745 seriesA link to "is posted. - Apple iPod iPod nano 16GB Silver [MC060J / A]

The iPod shuffle 4 GB model has a compact walkman who can enjoy customized scenes "NW-E 040 seriesThere is a link to. - Apple iPod iPod shuffle 4 GB Green [MC307J / A]

Such a description is not posted as of April 23 and it seems that it was added later but it is impossible for Apple to recommend the product of a competitor dignity because it is not exactly harassing I wonder if it is not something. However, as a Yodobashi camera, it may be a hardship measure to avoid missing the opportunity to sell goods because it is forbidden to sell online.

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