The worst in-flight meal worst 5 in peaceful history, even if it looks hungry


There was a disappointing in-flight meal Worst 5 introduced among the many pictures sent to the site collecting photographs of the in-flight meal, which perfectly destroys the flight feeling of exaggeration.

From the thing which seems to be just the meal feeding level, it is a miraculous lineup which is not so painful even if you look on a fasting object X, which is a suspicious mystery whether it is food or not.

Details are as below.Doug Lansky: The 5 Worst Airline Meals Of All Time (PHOTOS)

1:Estonian AirIn-flight meal

The rice contained in the upper left is cold, the main dish underneath and the herring is seemingly slimy. The bread was delicious because he was warm, because he was too tight in the range, so it was a bit crazy after a few minutes. Even though the amount is small overall, only the volume of potato salad (something like) stands out, so the person who gave it is said to have been doubting "I'm reusing this much"?

2:Air BotswanaIn-flight meal

A dish where plenty of things like meat and vegetables were roughly served. And the combination of fluorescent green soda and menu is quite freedom. Personally I care what the square on the right is.

3:AeroflotIn-flight meal

The salmon of the main dish, but also to the extent that it does not look unbearable. It means that the other menu was lacking in freshness ... ....

Four:Alitalia - Italy AviationIn-flight meal

It is accentuating the grief that only comments "This is an eggplant ... ..." are included. As the body of the meal is no longer made, the upper menu will be visible. It seems that coffee was also offered, but it is even more chasing that it was not drinkable.

Five:Ukraine International AviationIn-flight meal

The main meal is the vivid yellow omelet and wiener that is just as plastic as waking up. However, because there are something safe like Danone's yoghurt, I think that it is still better than the 4th meal.

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