Ice shrimp sauce source "King's shrimp burger" vs "shrimp burger", eat and compare how it differs

The popular product familiar in Lotteria "Ebi burger" was produced by the King's branch "King's shrimp burgerI bought it since it was released on April 24th. Grill shrimp pasti "which is the first in the industry to bring out the shrimp texture to the maximum by grilling, and a special sauce using lobster.

That's why the best Lotteria historyShrimp burgerI tried to eat and compare it.

Taste reviews are as follows.
Industry's first grilled shrimp patty and sauce source! "King's shrimp burger" appeared!

This is a poster. It is 390 yen if it is a single item.

Discover when going to buy

Feeling prominent well. Actually"King set"There is a set of 780 yen, which is a combination of" King's Potato (sour cream onion flavor) "and" King's shake (using Amaou) ", ​​it was sold out. Sorry.

Since it can not be helped, "Eva Bakachiki BOXI decided to eat it with the shrimp burger. This is "King's shrimp burger", something rich aroma from the stage of wrapping paper.


The sauce feels nice as a source

Top Buns

This is the inside grilled shrimp pasty

Special sauce using lobster is American sauce sauce

Tomato paste + Orange fruit juice that takes out the shrimp odor + lemon juice, and natural cheese as a hidden taste and flavoring.

So compared with shrimp burger. The shrimp burger on the left is the king, and the shrimp burger on the right. The king is more plump.

Viewed from the top. The left is the king, right is the normal.

The back side. The left is the king, right is the normal. It is quite different.

A section of the king. I used a large grain size Banameii shrimp. Using chicken and pig fat in the bridges, plus scallops extract, seasonings such as basil and red peppers are also added.

This one is normal

Comparing it. Actually normal part is thick in the shrimp part.

When comparing with eating actually, the king tastes another kind of flavor different from normal. The normal one is crispy in clothing, the contents are plump shrimp texture, the king's feeling that shrimp with plentiful shrimp is mixed in the texture like tempura using paste compared to it. Also, the king 's lobster sauce is fairly mellow and creamy, it seasoning seems to taste good when it is mixed with pasta. Bukkake, normal and king are totally different foods even if they have the same shrimp's name, so when you eat and eat two of them, you compare "eho, using the same ingredients, so far there is a difference There is another oodoruki with the feeling of saying "Do?" It is a feeling that you can realize that Lotteria is doing your best.

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