Lotteria's new menu "potato salad shrimp burger" and "collagen shake"

"Potato salad shrimp burger" and "collagen shake (mango flavor)" were released as new menus from Lotteria. Potato salad shrimp burger is a variant of Lotteria 's synonymous "shrimp burger", a magnificent menu with potato salads riding secretly. Collagen shake is a shake with mango-flavored collagen juice.

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"Potato salad shrimp burger" and "collagen shake (mango flavor)" purchased this time.

First is a potato salad shrimp burger.

It is as steady as the tool protrudes from the side.

Potato salad is tartar flavor. A variety of vegetables are contained, it is more source than ordinary potato salad, somewhat sour and salty.

Shrimp is stupid inside. It looks like a croquette with shrimp, but it is rather an image of a shrimp with many small shrimps. It is compatible with potato salad which seems to have been adjusted according to shrimp, it is finished in a burger that feels very luxurious with potatoes and vegetables entered with a shrimp texture and shrimp made with prepuri.

Next is a collagen shake.

At first glance it is an ordinary shake.

I am surprised to drink without noticing, but plenty of collagen-containing jelly is contained in the bottom, which is a sour and sweet mango flavor. When mixed well and drunk, it turns into another shake which is quite different from the vanilla shake.

Potato salad shrimp burger is not only put on potato salad on shrimp burger but it matches exactly with shrimp burger so it may be a little surprised when you eat a thin potato salad that is caught in sandwiches and eat it Because it is well made without killing the texture of potato texture, how about checking shrimp burger fans?

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