Lotteria with shrimp flavor and taste up "Exquisite Shrimp Burger" Tasting Review

Speaking of Lotteria, "Shrimp burgerAlthough I have a reputation for the texture of the shrimp that I made as a preprint of "Shrimp Burger" this time it was "Exquisite shrimp burger"(380 yen including tax) was released. I not only increased the shrimp by 20% compared with the traditional Epipati, but also used the crushed shrimp shell to raise the flavor, and I have checked what kind of taste it is finished.

Crisp cracked fresh texture "exquisite shrimp burger" on Thursday, April 12 Launch in lotteria nationwide!

Arrived at Lotteria. The aura of 'Exquisite shrimp burger' is already opened from the poster and menu already in front of the store.

Whether it was hard work to make a taste beyond the well-established "shrimp burger", confidence can be seen from the character "completed".

The set menu is enriched.

There is a pop in the checkout. As long as you look at the pictures, it's as if you are "exquisite" and you can expect a volume as well.

I came, this is "excellent shrimp burger".

Taking out from the wrapping paper ...... The difference with the picture is as usual, no abnormality.

Open the buns and check the contents.

It is said that crushed shrimp shell is added to the clothes tether.

Tartar sauce is original of Lotteria, with addition of dice onion, crushed egg, mayonnaise, dried scallop extract of scallops.

I ordered "Shrimp Burger". "Shrimp Burger" on the left and "Exquisite Shrimp Burger" on the right. A little "shrimp shrimp burger" looks smaller, but ...

"Shrimp burger" has more cabbage quantity.

I will eat and try to compare. First of all, "shrimp burger". It is a mellow taste characterized by the texture of the shrimp and shakijaki cabbage shrimp.

And "Exquisite shrimp burger". Because all the patties are tightly shrimped with shrimp, everywhere you eat, there is a shrimp preprinted texture, and with shrimp shells used, you eat fragrant flavors like shrimp crackers It spreads to your mouth and you can enjoy shrimp to such a degree as "It's still this!" Tartar sauce is refreshing without sacrificing the taste of shrimp with refreshing taste, clothes are crispy and light taste because there is no feeling of oiliness.

"Shrimp Burger" is a menu considered balance of taste with emphasis on shrimp when thinking about the amount of cabbage and mild seasoning of patty, while "exquisite shrimp burger" is to reduce the amount of cabbage The shrimp ingredients are condensed and the patty which is condensed is distinctively felt, and you can see that it is content which you can feel the taste of shrimp as much as possible. If you like a shrimp burger of Lotteria, you should know the difference, and if you do not like it, you can clearly see the differences when actually eating shrimp burgers at the same time and eating.

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