A cheat of cheating you have to say that you often thought

People who cheat in order to break through the exams in ancient times east and west will not fail. From the primitive method of writing the contents in advance in the palm or desk,Recently using cell phonesThat method has become more sophisticated with the times, and various ways continue to be invented now.

Details are below.
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It seems that some people are cheating on fairly laborious methods as described below, as it is allowed to bring drinks etc in overseas exams.

First off the label of the drink.

Then scan that label.

Delete fine parts such as raw materials and nutrition labeling with image processing software.

I will crowd the constants and formulas as much as possible into the vacant places. As far as I can see, is it physical exam preparation?

Afterwards if you repack this label and bring it in, OK. If you choose a glossy paper it is almost finished with indistinguishability.

As you can see, there are quite a few ways to use drink labels. There are also the following patterns.

First, create a manuscript with a small letter.

It outputs with a printing machine of the type that burns carbon such as laser printer and copier.

Then put a transparent sheet and press the iron.

Just paper will be filled with water.

The carbon on the paper with the heat of the iron is transferred to the transparent sheet, leaving the character.

When pasting this on the lid of juice it will not be distinguished from precautionary writing.

This street when stuck on a ballpoint pen.

There are also such methods using paper pack juice. It can be said that the percussion that the lid can fix with a magnet is fine.

With skirt wearers alone there will be such a way.

However, when cheating is discovered in school exams, it is mostly dealt with fairly severe coping, such as deprivation of all units and retention years. It goes without saying that studying seriously while you think about such a method is better.

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