100% of Matcha of Uji "Tsuji Ryu", creamy and sweet "Tsujiro Matcha Milk" tasting review

Kyoto · Uji tea shop "Tsuji Ryu" which was founded in the first year of Wanbunzeo (1860) (Tsuji Tsuichi head office) Matcha milk drink supervised was released, so I bought it and tried drinking it.

It seems that Matcha of Tsujiro is used 100% of this green tea milk, but has it been able to bring out its umami 100%?

Details are as below.Tsujiro Matcha Milk | JT Beverage Website

Green tea like milk, green and white label.

The raw materials are in order of sugar, concentrated milk, whole powdered milk, skimmed milk powder, Matcha (domestic), considerably more milk.

37 kcal per 100 ml.

Many powdered green tea foods supervised by "Tsuji Ri" had been released in various ways, but it is certainly unusual for these straight green tea drinks to appear.

The letter "Tsuji Ri" also in the cap.

Creamy sweet taste like Matcha milk, drifts mellow mellow sweet scent. Although it is a taste easy for everyone to drink, almost no such thing as astringent can be felt, and it may be somewhat lonely as Matcha. As Matcha Pudding, it seemed like it was likely.

By the way, there seems to be some with cans.

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