Taste of popular Japanese style cafe, "Matcha latte" tasting review of Kagurazaka tea campus review

Japanese style cafe in Kagurazaka, TokyoKagurazaka Coffee House"Matcha latte was released as a chilled beverage from FamilyMart, so I bought it and tried drinking it. I have never been to the Kagurazaka tea campus itself, but it seems to be a dish created by sticking to be able to enjoy the original taste of Matcha.

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Producing area of ​​Japan's leading tea ·Nishioo, AichiTea leaves and Tokushima prefecture AwaWasan Binusing.

"Kagurazaka Tea Dorm" is a shop that reproduced the atmosphere of Kagurazaka which once used to be a flower street in a modern style, offers "New Japanese style" menu using Japanese materials, mainly Japanese traditional culture That's right.

99 kcal per one.

Raw material is like this.

The color is whitish green. There is no bitter taste but elegant sweetness while Matcha. The mouthfeel is soft and gentle taste, there is richness. I once wanted to drink what Matcha latte of the store is.

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