Confectionery machine "Mini Drop" working movie that squeezes out the dough freely

It is a movie squeezing out the fabric freely to various forms of "mini drop" that falls into a small class even among NIPPO's import depot jitter (machine for squeezing fabric).

It was a ridiculous machine that can freely change the shape while moving the line while the movement is slim and smooth while constantly moving.

Details are as below.NW Corporation

This is a small depositor "Mini Drop". The price is 4.8 million yen per machine. Whether you think "Yaei!" Here may be a split between the professional and the layman ... maybe not so.

The shape can be set freely, from Poncho, and the thing that dropped the dough down to the one squeezed like a mayonnaise through a mouthpiece.

I seem to be repeating exactly the same movement, but I am surprised that the shape of the material to be squeezed is changing.
YouTube - "Petit Drop" working movie in which you can see the fabric to change shape freely

The finished fabric will fall off to the bottom receiving mouth.

It is possible to shape a variety of sweets with this one, such as Eclair for squeezing out for a long time, cream puff for something that has been dropped round, and cookies with squeezed patterns.
YouTube - appearance of "Petite Drop" operation where the fabric is steadily shaping up

Since it seems to move at 100 V, it can move enough at home. Currently there is also a smaller desktop depositor "Petit Drop", which is smaller than "Mini Drop", is on sale, and the wave of miniaturization seems to be pushing to such a place.

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