Wonderful frozen sweets such as parisy-frozen frozen macaroons

I found it at the top trading booth that you can enjoy fun by simply thawing Macaroon which is fashionable and pretty expensive sweet sweets, and also have a long-term preservation of the amazing 24 months.

Besides macaroon, baking just the frozen dough as it is completes bread of a rich atmosphere richly, I felt a little glimpse of the behind-the-scenes sweets of Maiden's dream and hope.

Details are as below.Top Trading Co., Ltd.

It is like a cake shop atmosphere showcase.

"Frozen mini macaroon floral" of color development of the red system. It is an elegant item with a scent of flowers such as lavender and lilac.

Here "Frozen Mini Macaron Yellow Fruit" is a southern countryish lineup. Three yellow ones say that the same fruit marmalade as the shell (part of the macaroon skin) is caught. It seems that shell shell only is also prepared for pastries who wish to put other creams between them.

It is also popular in Japan as well as canoelets and popular crispy texture cafe in Paris cafe, MoWarow. Since such a taste of Paris' origin sweets tends to be quite appreciative, it seems to be said that it is nice for restaurants to be able to put it out to customers simply by thawing without trouble.

From here bread series. It is a "mini croissant" baked up quickly to see, but it is surprising to say that it can be done by just baking the originally molded frozen dough without thawing.

The cinnamon roll decorated with sugar is completed by just baking as it is completed.

"Mini Maple Pecan" with a little gorgeous atmosphere. If it sells to a bakery, it seems to be over 300 yen.

If the cream burns as it is, it is this street as it is.

A baker's standard staple in Paris, Pan · o · chocolat (Chocolate Croissant) needs to be thawed once, but it is still wonderful if you bake it with chocolate burning OK. With this kind of feeling, sweet and sweet sweets that are prized plainly and in many cases like freshly styled sweet potatoes that are rarely caught are also being made unexpectedly due to the advancement of refrigeration technology maybe.

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