White strawberries with flavor like pineapple selling

I think that the image "red" is strawberry when it is called strawberry, but it seems that only the surface collapse is red and the others are pure white strawberries. In addition, it differs from ordinary strawberry not only in color but also in strawberries like taste that tastes like pineapple.

It is a very interesting strawberry, but where can I buy it?

Details are from the following.
'White strawberry' that tastes like pineapple to go on sale - Telegraph

According to this article, it seems that the strawberries on the surface are red and the white with straws is sold for five weeks at 45 stores in the UK from today. This white strawberry is a variety called "pineberry", it seems to have a taste like pineapple as its name, but it is a strawberry on the gene. Pineberry was native to North America, and since the Dutch farmer began to cultivate seven years ago it was an endangered species, it got rid of extinction and led to this sale.

Ordinary strawberries are red in color and white on the surface, but pineberry is white in reality and red in red.

Pineberry seems to be sold at 125 g for 2 pounds 99 pence (about 420 yen) as a commemoration release date until April 13 th, and 3 pounds and 99 pence (about 550 yen) at normal price after April 14 th. It does not seem to be planned to be sold in Japan, will it be that the harvest volume will increase and be shipped to all over the world?

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