Ranka and Sheryl's "Macross Frontier Instant Ramen" by Bandai

Macross Frontier-themed instant noodles "Nyan-Nyan's Specialty Ramen" is now available exclusively via Premium Bandai. Here's our review!

Pics after the cut!
Comes in two versions featuring Sheryl Nome(left) and Ranka Lee(right).

Ranka's version is supposed to have been distributed at "Super Dimension Heavy Equipment Show", a promotional event for Kaitaku Juuki(Reclamation Heavy Equipment) that Ranka stars the commercial for.

Ranka's Giant Salamander phone with her message "Minna ajiwatte Ginga no hate made!"(Everyone, taste it to the end of the galaxy!)


Sheryl's version is supposed to have been sold at her concert.

Taiyaki phone with Sheryl's message "Konna ramen metta ni tsukuranaindakara!"(I hardly ever make ramen as great as this, appreciate it!)

Inside. Both Ranka's and Sheryl's are the same soy-sauce flavoured ramen.

Chinese restaurant Nyan Nyan's logo.

Manufactured by Nissin Foods of Cup Noodles.

323kcal per serving.

Pour boiling water and wait for three minutes.

Cooked. Tasty soy sauce-flavoured soup with corn, green onion, meat balls and sesame.

And Nyan-Nyan naruto(sliced fish cakes).

Available exclusively on Premium Bandai, 5,250 yen (about $55) for a set of twenty(10 Ranka, 10 Sheryl). Comes with a special plastic folder.

Sheryl in her changing room.

"Nyan-Nyan Ramen" on the dresser.

Flipside features Ranka at a construction site.

About to eat "Nyan-Nyan Ramen".

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