Ibaraki prefecture Mito city got dyed in color "Koichi close and Special 5 in Mito" Today's opening, all articles summary

As the fifth bulletin of "Commemorative Special" to be held once every five years, "Walking in Comike"The theme was"Special 5 in MitoIt began today.

It is an unusual event that Mito city, Ibaraki prefecture, will be filled with Moe today from March 21 (Sun) today and tomorrow 22 (Monday), but we will change the building that was used as a department store to the site of spot sale, It was such a ridiculous event that the area and Comiket became united, such as releasing numerous collaborative goods.

That's why I will send you a report from the site.

Details are as below.
◆ March 22, 2010 17:42:59
"Koichi and Special 5 in Mito" Report on the day before the opening and the morning of the opening day

◆ March 21, 2010 18: 41: 01 second
Doujinshi special magazine spot sale of "Kogetsu and special 5 in Mito" started, movies entering many participants

◆ March 21, 2010 at 19:46:57
The venue of "Kogetsu and Special 5 in Mito" which drifts unusually more than usual is like this

◆ March 21, 2010 21:59:53
Mito Komon who is too different color of Hiroe Hiroe × Kota Hirano also introduced collaborative goods of "Koichi and Special 5 in Mito"

◆ March 22nd, 2010 at 00:11:27
A cosplayer gathered in "Kogetsu and Special 5 in Mito" blessed with fine weather

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