Sofmap has been one of the best consumer electronics mass merchants, one of the best warranty service changed at once, the name was changed to "Sofmap warranty"

Unlike the services offered by other companies, Sofmap, which provided the best extended warranty service 'Sofmap Perfect Warranty' among household appliance mass merchandisers, which guarantees damage due to falling and fire, is a major service It was worsened.

The name has also been changed to "Sofmap warranty" where "Perfect" has fallen out, and the warranty content that was gentle for mobile personal computers, portable audio devices, portable game machine users, etc. has been transformed to an amazing one.

Details are as below.
About after-sales support |

According to Sofmap's official page, on behalf of the conventional extended warranty service "Sofmap Perfect Warranty", "Sofmap warranty" is newly being offered from March 1, 2010.

"Sofmap warranty" has guaranteed personal computer, TV, air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine for 5 years, digital camera, silicon audio, game machine, peripheral equipment etc will be warranted for 3 years.

This is the guarantee contents of "Sofmap Warranty".Target failures are limited to electrical and mechanical onesIt is being done. Also, if you receive a warranty (second-hand product from the first year) after purchase two years, every time you repairIt is necessary to pay 30% of repair amount as self-payment fee.

In addition, the terms and conditions of the conventional extended warranty service "Sofmap Perfect Warranty" are posted on the following page.
Sofmap Perfect Warranty Coverage Policy |

Guarantee contents of "Sofmap Perfect Warranty". Although it is limited to an expensive model,A 10-year warranty is offered for some productsIn addition,Warranty is also provided for damage due to breakage, fire, etc.It is being done, every time you repairThere is no need to bear the self-payment fee.

In addition, "Sofmap Warranty" is provided with a repair reception service by toll-free of 24 hours (limited in reception time conventionally) as an incidental service, but on the other hand, on the other hand, "Sofmap Perfect Warranty"Free pick up service by courier of broken product is abolishedIt is being done.

In other words, not only the warranty period has been shortened and the warranty against the failure due to a fall or fire has been lost, 30% of the repair cost has to be borne by every repair, and even further free pick up of the failed product is lost It will be said that it has gone, but why on earth did the service get corrupted so far?

Since it does not matter if the premium is higher than before, I'd like you to restore "Sofmap Perfect Warranty" as the top course of "Sofmap Warranty".

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