Astonishing refrigeration technology enabling the provision of delicious luxury sandwiches by haste without having time to spare without having a chef

Carrots Puree sandwich "Chicken and mushroom fricasse sand" buttery fragrant carcass puree in Ficasse of Date chicken and mushroom, "Clock mush sandwich sandwich" sandwiched between Guriel cheese mozzarella cheese proscott cot ... ... It takes a bit of time and effort When frozen whole and frozen, when eating it will be completed immediately if you thaw it is quite cool refrigeration technology this time "FOODEX JAPAN 2010It was being showcased in.

By this method, even at stores that can not arrange chefs in the kitchen, it will be possible for bite to be serious enough to serve things.

Details of what kind of things will be possible are given below.
KODAMA ~ European food culture to Japan ~

This is the sand they were exhibiting this time. It seems to have tried to actually use in a directly managed store.

Looks like this.

It is a scene.

The good point of this technology is that it can be frozen in its original state. As you can see from the above picture, each part does not fall apart, it is integrated, frozen and sticking, it is really that. The following is an example of this, and in addition to these, it is possible to freeze the original sand developed by each store or chain store as well as to do so in large quantities.

Carrot Puree's sandwich "Butter-scented buttery flavor scoured with Date chicken and mushroom Furicasse" Chicken and mushroom fricasse sand "

Spanish omelet sandwich "Omelet sand" with plenty of proscott cotto and vegetables

Boiled southern chinese pig with demyglass and tomato sauce together, sauté vegetables sauce, sour cream accented "Pork stew and sandwich"

Using 100% meatloaf with beef, garnish with red garlic on red miso, and "tomato sauce red miso garlic" combined with tomato sauce

"Case and Concourge" with apple's constituent and camembert in the basil cage

Double sauce that combined Gorgonzola and demiglace sauce to the cutlet of Minchang pig "Katsu Sando of Minami Choshu"

Toppings burdock salad with safflower prawns with sakura prawns and scent of the scent of the beach, and spicy spicy Tabasco sauce "Satsuma-fried sandwich"

Using Grière cheese and mozzarella cheese, ham is Proshootkot's "Croc Mushy style sandwich"

"Fish fly sand" that combines fresh fish fries with cheddar cheese and basil-flavored three kinds of tomato sauce

"Healthy hamburger set" which put olives in accent to hanbag with Date chicken and long bowl

Every one seems to be very tasty and felt quite good. It seems that even if we say frozen again, when we use good ones for material, it will reach a reasonable level. Of course, various fast food chains may all become like this ... ....

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