I tried making "Konigiyaki Curry" at Nagatanien

Speaking of Nagatani Ochazuke, I also have curry. That's why I bought it because I was doing it on television advertisement. Curry sauce on warm rice, scatter topping, and warm up for about 5 minutes in an oven toaster is a perfectly simple dish called completion.

It is what it says, because it is atmosphere like doria by putting sauce on rice, how is it actually?

Then, the cooking begins.
Nagatani | Konbaki curry

Approximately one serving is a pack and the list price is 265 yen. There are two kinds of "chicken and tomato" "natsu and minced meat".

How to make this is pretty easy. This time I will use a plate of aluminum foil after the eating udon of a postcard instead of a gratin dish.

This time I decided to make "chicken and tomato". Contents is like this

I will put a sauce on top of the rice. I feel shabu shabu, not muffled feeling. I am relieved. Something stuff appears in the second half, but it is soupy rather than a source overall. Is it because it will soak up the taste in the rice in a short time?

So sprinkle toppings. Cheese flavor formulated to make the baking color beautiful.

Put it in an oven toaster and bake it for about 5 minutes to complete it.

The texture is Doria. However, since the taste is curry it feels strange. The juicy portion of the sauce remained on the top, and the soupy part is stained with rice, so the taste is pretty fine. The topping of cheese is also scorched moderately, and it is very fragrant when it is combined with the part of burning of rice. Given the time and effort to make and the taste of completion, at this price it is only a threat that it can be said that this thing can only be said ... ... or anything goes with this principle and buy the sauce and go on hot rice If I bake it in the oven toaster, I guess the same kind of premonition is going to be created ... ....

When thinking carefully, is not this the idea of ​​"making something over rice with another idea?" Is exactly Ochazuke at Nagatani. As expected it will do Nagatani.

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