FOODEX JAPAN 2010 opening, all articles summary

"FOODEX JAPAN 2010 (35 th International Food and Beverage Exhibition)"Is the largest food and beverage special exhibition in Asia held annually since 1976.

The exhibition period is as long as 4 days from March 2 (Tuesday) to March 5 (Fri), although admission to general visitors is not good despite the large scale being held, · Both invited guests are set to \ 5,000 (tax included) and quite expensive. At this exhibition that many visitors come from overseas, I sneaked in to see what was going on and the world of dazzling food was spreading there.

Below, we add articles as needed and summarize.FOODEX JAPAN

◆ March 2, 2010 19:25 minutes 15 seconds
"Leaf and garden hydroponic culture kit" which can be raised by just inserting vegetables such as bouquet lettuce into the outlet in their own room

◆ March 02, 2010 20: 16: 06 seconds
Legendary duck "Disney duck" that disappeared, Minchi meat of Iberico pork, Rice ball wrapped in rice balls, Grilled chicken, etc.

◆ March 02, 2010 20: 50 minutes 23 seconds
The world of 'Tadpean animals' collaborating too much and becoming obsessive, and finally to 3D this year

◆ March 22nd, 2010 22:31 minutes 52 seconds
Like the future sweets that appeared in Doraemon, "Kin kirei" and "Kinpuri sprinkle" etc. showing anything high in anything, the forefront of edible pure gold leaf

◆ March 02, 2010 23:16:40
Sheet Cake 35 "," Sheet Cake 54 ", a dream product that sticks cakes together and can be purchased in units of sheets

◆ March 02, 2010 23: 36: 01 seconds
"Horse's bamboo shoot" not only simple horses but also delicious parts of unknown horse meat Various

◆ March 03, 2010 00:15:37
Female body of Bon Kue · Bonn and the hero of Gashuchi etc, PET bottle water which changes form freely and freely

◆ March 03, 2010 00:50:58
Soy sauce on ice has already eaten an old new product "Miso mixed with ice"

◆ March 03, 2010 01:47:35
I tried to eat "rose honey" using a crimson domestic rose pride "Princess Prince" boasting the finest fragrance

◆ March 03, 2010 02: 13: 25 seconds
Blueberry Yogurt taste with a very fine taste stick using new materials and a real rice bag that can be held with one hand, a world of old sweets like old

◆ March 03, 2010 02: 27: 40 seconds
Completing fresh tofu by 30 seconds in the microwave oven "HO Tofu"

◆ March 03, 2010 03: 24: 28 seconds
Technology to draw accurate patterns on chocolate with laser, not only illustration but also photos can be reproduced almost perfectly

◆ March 03, 2010 15:00 10 seconds
Moe rice has entered a new era, blended and optimized rice ball special rice "Moe komachi" and a faint taste "Moe Minori"

◆ March 3, 2010 18: 30: 10 seconds
Snacks that reproduce the taste of "Burger King" and more than 20 kinds of Pringles etc Yose Mono imported confectionery variety

◆ March 3, 2010 21:42:21
Astonishing refrigeration technology enabling the provision of delicious luxury sandwiches by haste without having time to spare without having a chef

◆ March 03, 2010 21:53:18
"Cutting sesame tofu" Tornermorp that a huge variety was born because the cooker was too far ahead

◆ March 3, 2010 22:29:59
I tried to eat what is different from ordinary bean sprouts, "peanut bean sprouts" whose moyashi child's definition is likely to change

◆ March 3, 2010 22:43:32
Wonderful frozen sweets such as parisy-frozen frozen macaroons

◆ March 04, 2010 03: 03: 29 seconds
Exactly super mushrooms, super gigantic mushrooms "Giga Mash"

· Bonus
Arrived at the venue Makuhari Messe.

The posters of the countries to be exhibited are posted as giddy.

Five receptionists are also arranged and it is quite large.

Many people were stopping in front of the venue map because it was a large-scale exhibition using all the 1 to 8 holes.

The domestic exhibition looks like this. Small booths are lining up by the tops.

Meanwhile, overseas exhibitors had a huge booth staggered from 1 to 5 holes.

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