Certainly hard to understand? "QWERTY" Neck "ABCDEF" keyboard with an array

Speaking of PC's keyboard, the "QWERTY array" in which the six characters from the left of the uppermost key are arranged in the order of "Q, W, E, R, T, Y" is common, but how many are arranged in alphabetical order A keyboard to call even ABCDEF array has appeared.

Because it is in alphabetical order, there are some images that seems to be easy to understand, but considering that most people are accustomed to the QWERTY array, it may be rather confusing.

Details are as below.
This is the keyboard which became "ABCDEF array". It may be easy to understand, but it is somewhat uncomfortable because I am not familiar.
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By the way it seems that this keyboard, apparently just changed the key top, so even if typing "A", it seems that "Q" will be typed. In other words, for those who can not type typing without looking at the keyboard it will be a keyboard like hell.

Although it is the keyboard of the QWERTY arrangement that is widespread globally, in the French-speaking world, "AZERTY array"Keyboards adopting an array called" popular "are popular.

This is the AZERTY keyboard. In addition to the fact that "Q" and "W" of the QWERTY keyboard are replaced with "A" and "Z", there are parts that differ in part.
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