When you visualize frequently keyed keys with the keyboard, it becomes like this


It is a keyboard that made it very easy to visualize the keys of the keyboard that the general public hits frequently during typing. It is quite impressive because you can see at a glance that there is an overwhelming difference between frequently used keys and frequently used keys.

The appearance of the keyboard which visualized frequently keyed keys is as follows.Keyboard Frequency Sculpture - Mike's Blog

Keyboard "Keyboard Frequency Sculpture" which visualized frequently keyed keys. It is not a keyboard that can be used actually, it is a kind of sculpture work.

Even if you can actually type, it is a height difference that seems to be very hard to use.

The data that I looked at as a visualizationWikipediaIt seems to be information of. Although this is English-speaking data, "t", "a", etc. are frequently typed, with "e" being the first.

It is a production process. I do not seem to be making a very keyboard.

The finished keys look like a pencil.

Actually typing keys, or something you are pressing can be seen from the following.

Keyboard Frequency Sculpture on Vimeo

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