"Bayan" where button type accordion can be played on PC keyboard

ByNina J. G.

Many people have touched at the elementary school music time etcaccordionAre roughly divided into two types, "piano style accordion" equipped with the same keyboard as the piano type and "button type accordion" with round buttons aligned with gissil. Among them, the button type accordion has few opportunities to be touched easily, but the site that reproduces such instruments on the PC keyboard is "Bayan"is.


On the site, only the icon of "about" that displays the details under the display imitating the keyboard, and the icon of Twitter are displayed.

For the time being, I tried sounding a sound by hitting the keyboard like this. When you press the keyboard the color will change on the screen. In addition, when you play it on YouTube, noise slightly "pee" is conspicuous, but this is mixed in during recording. Almost noises are noticeable at the time of actual performance.

I played that phrase with the accordion "bayan" which is played on PC keyboard

"Bayan" which is also the origin of the site name, even among the button accordionI made my own evolution in RussiaMusical instruments. Actually it is an instrument to play with both right and left hands, but only the right part is reproduced on the site.


The arrangement of sounds looks like the following, yellow arrows in the figure below indicate a sequence of sounds. The letter "Q" of the keyboard is the lowest "Do (C)" sound, "A" under it is "Do # (C #)" above the semitones, further "Z" ) ", And the next" L # (D #) "is supposed to return to the character of" W ". The rows from "2" to "-" in the top row are continuous from the right end of the bottom row.

If you look closely at the array, you can see that the relationship between the left and right is "short three degrees (light blue)", and the diagonal right lower relation is regularly arranged as "semitone (yellow)". This regularity is the biggest feature of the button type accordion.

The merit is that the finger shape of the chord does not change even if the key (key) changes. For example, if you hold down the "C" and "B ♭" codes, you can see that they are the same finger type. Basically it is possible to change the code simply by sliding it left and right in this form, which is one of the features not found in keyboard type pianos etc.

The finger shape when changing each to "Cm" and "B ♭ m" of short chords is like this.

In "bayan" it is also possible to play with chords as follows. Sounds that are supposed to be holding down occasionally because of errors may be interrupted, but it seems better to close your eyes.

Playing with PC keyboard Button Accordion "bayan" can also play chord phrases

Ben Guo who created the site found that the button arrangement of the accordion accordion was successfully assigned to the keyboard of the PC and created the site experimentally. It seems to be said that it is said to be the focus point unique to those who are performing music activities as keyboardist.

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