It can be assembled in just 10 minutes, a modular barricade that protects soldiers from bullets

One of the most troublesome tasks for soldiers is "Constructing a frontal base." The more time it takes to build, the greater the risk of being attacked. However, in situations where it is not safe enough to introduce shovel cars etc., soldiers need to manually sow sandbags and dig down trenches, so it is difficult to create a sufficient base in a short time.

Therefore, we developed a modular facility building material that American companies can assemble defensive facilities in the shortest time.

Details are below.
Dynamic Defense Materials, LLC. - McCurdy's Armor - Product Info

HESCO Barriers - a Photo Primer | America's North Shore Journal

First of all,HESCO BarricadeLet's see how to build a position using.

Expand and arrange huge bags and put sand into it with a shovel car etc.

This position will be completed with this feeling.

However, when I have to check up urgently to capture an escaped armed terrorist, I can not do such a long story. So, "McCardy's Armor" developed by Dynamic Defense Materials, Inc. of America.

Assembly can be done within 10 minutes per one. Each of the parts is kept to the weight that one can fully satisfy. Of course you can easily remove it.

When the frame is finished I will stick the armor plate next time. You can also increase your defense strength by doubling the armor board, placing sand between them as well.


By combining two or more kits it is possible to correspond to various shapes of positions.

Transportation can be done with a trailer.

Current,There are about 400 NATO forces and US military bases and 300 local army bases in AfghanistanSince it is thought that the number will continue to increase in the future, development of such base construction material will become important.

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