Next-generation load block "Droparm Gate" that also receives runaway tracks

Spikes and nets etc that are installed on the road to definitely stop cars runaway at checkups have been used, but it is important for companies in the US to apply the kinetic energy of cars well and stop cars more efficiently We developed a system called "Droparm Gate". I realize the astonishing power to catch the track that runaway.

Details are below.
Barrier 1 - State of the Art Vehicle Barriers

It was the American company Barrier 1 that developed this Droparm Gate.Protective wall that can also stop heavy-duty trucks as previously reportedIt was supposed to be difficult to deploy for emergency examination because large-scale construction is necessary.

This Droparm Gate uses concrete and sand weights and can be assembled within 45 minutes. We can stop vehicles weighing 15,000 pounds (about 6.8 tons) · 50 miles per hour (about 80 km / h).

Movie stopping the pickup truck. The kinetic energy of the truck caught in the load block, the mechanism which robs the weight of both ends exactly to the track and deprives the running ability.

YouTube - crash test - kit based (concrete jersey barrier) tilt / swivel arm barrier crash test certification (2)

Here is a movie stopping a big car further.

YouTube - crash test-kit based (concrete jersey barrier) tilt / swivel arm barrier crash test certification

I place it like this at the checkpoint.

The arm can be operated from both sides of the road.

It can also be rotated 90 degrees to open.

This is a simple type. Because it is more compact size it can be operated with a small number of people.

Weight includes not only concrete blocks,Hesco's sand blockIt is also possible to use very common materials in conflict areas such as.

In conflict areas there are terrorist attacks that will hit vehicles equipped with explosives one after the otherAs a result, the load block that can surely stop the vehicle is an indispensable item for security personnel to carry out their duties more safely.

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