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Sell ​​the famous razor with the phrase "Kirenai"Chic · JapanBut in any situationA movie demonstrating that the skin does not cutWe are publishing. In the movie, three foreigners, Captain, Stephen, and David, challenge skydiving and blackbeard's crisis, realizing various shaving scenes. However, I feel like a movie just wanting to say "I do not want to kill", but I also appeal that it will guard the unexpected skidding.

So next MondayFebruary 1. One month ago February 1st I wrote such an article at GIGAZINE.

A table tennis table that seems to be unknown where the ball is - GIGAZINE

A pathetic dog's movie that does not get mad at all even if a bird is hit in the face - GIGAZINE

A situation arises that "Google may cause damage to your computer" on Google's all possible search results - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.

Youth 's "overflow" can not stop! Decline of Japan brought by chilling employment | Screaming fraternity at center of disparity society | Diamond Online(Business, young sushi who are competing overseas and unfavored SE)

"Carrying PC" that can not be taken out: Nikkei Business Online(Hardware, mobile PC that can not be taken out of the company to prevent information leakage)

Disparities created by the 14th programmer's skills: ITpro(IT, eco point system realized in 3 weeks)

【Yajima PC Watch】 Sanko, USB port 80 charging board(Hardware, price is 14,800 yen and heavyweight as USB port)

This is specialized for Fujitsu's "iPad" retailing and used for inventory management - MSN Sankei News(Hardware, Fujitsu was out putting a terminal named "iPad" in 2002)

ASCII.jp: Touched the iPP actual machine !! "Static and dynamic design" hidden in the main body(Hardware, the most attractive feature is a photo library)

Can "iPad" save the media industry? : Books, Newspapers, Music Considerations | WIRED VISION(Hardware, how much can you make use of the big advantage of the screen)

Ken Akamatsu, "Negima! "To Kindle standard and" Small lines can not be read at all "Cats and Negima! And voice actor(Author of "Negima!" To recommend iPad over Kindle for manga and manga)

Adobe complains about not supporting "Flash" of "iPad": News - CNET Japan(It is slightly difficult for Flash to not be used when viewing the hardware and the net)

Why kept the battery? : "Live from the earthquake on the iPhone" interview | WIRED VISION(Bring over 65 hours battery with oversea, expansion pack, used for alarm and distraction music)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Magazine's Internet paid delivery demonstration experiment "parara" begins - Society(91 magazines including books, Kodansha and Shogakukan participate)

From middle and high school students' mobile, Benesse - at SOFTBANK MOBOLE MVNO - ITmedia + D Mobile(Started offering "Benesse Mobile FREO" to sell to mobile, with Shinkenzemi membership number)

Half of Netflix's customers move from DVD rental to streaming viewing on the Internet(Internet, an online DVD rental company in the United States whose sales are less than forecast)

Threats and fears felt against "Dada leakage", possibility - Reporters eye: ITpro(Real-time video distribution which became able to announce to many people with the spread of the Internet and Twitter)

"18 prohibition is set by the author" Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications launched a self-assessment experiment of Internet content · News: ITpro(Web, a website that can post novels that I wrote "Magical i Land")

Window Forever - 【REVIEW】 Windows 7 specialized OS customization software "WinDNA 7"(Software, simple customization software specialized for Windows 7)

Earthquake, attractiveness of the moon and the sun "The Last Push" Science: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(The result of the study showing that there is a possibility that strains of a large earthquake may accumulate if earthquake, small earthquakes occur frequently when the tidal power is strong)

Do you believe in fortunetelling? What is the blood type personality judgment? | Research rTYPE [eye share](Memo, difference between women and men "believe" people are outstanding)

Business Media Makoto: Student and social worker living alone, what kind of room do you live in?(Life, the average price is 66,500 yen, women live in a room with high rent)

A company that makes anything with paper (Excite Bit Connector) | Excite News(Memo, made up of paper up to carry bags and stretchers)

Moe? Burning? Encourage at the time the maid is on work "Do not Go!" - MSN Sankei News(Memo, maid who calls out at the plan by Nihonbashi Maid Association)

The most impressive kiss in the past 10 years is Britney Spears and Madonna's Kiss! - Cinema Today(Entertainment, kisses among men as well as girls ranked in)

Author's Reading Path: No. 99: Okata-san | WEB Book Magazine(Writer,"Fafner of the Azure"Interview with writers who are also in charge of the second half script)

Film production distribution company: Cine Canon applies for civil rehabilitation law - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(A company that had been making movies, such as "Patchi!" And "Hula Girl" applied for application of civil rehabilitation law)

Movie company Miramax decided to discontinue business "Shakespeare fell in love" such as Oscar winning work grand prize major - Cinema Today(Miramax of movies, 'English Patient' and 'Koibutoyo shakespeare' also closed)

"JIN" movie! Scheduled to be released next year - Cinema News: nikkansports.com(In movies and dramas, the momentary maximum audience rating was recorded as 29.8%)

Human beings are more scary than ghosts Copipe Nikoniko VIP 2 ch(Memo, ghost story that is clearly true)

Chunichi Newspaper: "TV Game Library" opened 3 next month, 5 nationwide popular models: Fukui (CHUNICHI Web)(Game, library in Fukui city, Neo Geo, PC engine, mega drive, Sega Saturn, Dream cast library appears)

For the first time in about 4 years! News of Pokemon Complete New Work to be released within 2010 News - Net Securities · Car insurance Oricon ranking(Game, a new Pokemon is developing for Nintendo DS)

Nintendo, Wii sales revive - ITmedia News(Although sales of games, "Wii Fit Plus" were favorable, sales declined 23.1% year-on-year)

One Piece: 1st in "Comic Division" 2009: 270.5 billion yen for the entire manga Oricon (Eito Web) - Everyday jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(Manga, sales of more than double the Naruto who became second in the dress)

[K-on!] Rock T-shirt reprint, also added a new pattern(Anime, scheduled deadline for reservation sale K-ON T-shirt is February 14)

Human's highest speed, theoretically "64 km / h" - Slashdot Japan(Creatures, the highest speed of the world's fastest Usain Bolt at present is about 45 km / h)

Students who have retired or absentee at university are easy to commit suicide - research notes by Ide Norihei(Note, the suicide rate of those experienced in retirement / leave of absence is approximately four times the general suicide rate)

Next-generation ramen decided by net vote, cup noodles and snacks-INTERNET Watch(Selected "next generation Hokkaido burned butter cone ramen" by "Hokkaido's" Sapporo Ramen green "and Hokkaido" Food, Next Generation Perfumery · Salt Ramen "by Ishikawa Prefecture's" Ramen One Crane ")

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