Obviously it is easier for a tall soccer player to take a foul

Football'sfoulOften happens at a position hard to see from the referee, the knocked down players perform more than necessary pain, and they collapse on purpose though they are not in touchsimulationThere are also many enthusiastic football fans who plunder the referee to the referee every time the player of the supporting team is fouled as a technique exists as a technique.

Although it is a foul act that is often difficult to judge for the referee, scientists at the Erasmus University in the Netherlands have investigated which one of the two players who touched has a disadvantage. The tendency to receive a judgment that the player committed a foul became clear.

Details are as below.Taller football (soccer) players more likely to be accused of fouls, research indication

RePub: How embodied cognition affect judgments: Height-related attribution bias in football foul calls

In situations where it is difficult to judge which one of the contacting players has committed a foul and which is receiving a foul, how the judgment of the referee or the audience is influenced by the unconscious prejudice will be examinedErasmus University Rotterdam Business Administration Graduate SchoolThe study by Dr. Niels van Quaquebeke and Dr. Steffen Giessner began with application of insight on business decisions to sports. For details of the research resultsJournal of Sport & Exercise PsychologyIt is scheduled to be published in the magazine's February issue issue.

Evolutionary studies and linguistic studies reveal that people associate the size of the body with ideas such as "aggression" and "control." From this, Dr. Van Quaquebeke and Dr. Giessner thought that in the ambiguous situation it would be easier for the taller of the two players who contacted to be judged to have committed a foul.

In the study data companyIMPIRE AGFor the past seven seasons recorded byUEFA Champions League(Total fouls: 31,242) and GermanSoccer · Bundesliga(85,262 cases) and 1998, 2002 and 2006FIFA World CupAnalysis of the data of the (6440) fouls showed that there was a tendency that athletes with a high height in all seasons, league and data collection methods were considered "perpetrators".

As a result of analyzing the data considering elements such as the height of the players year by year and factors such as the difference in average height from the league and the position, the average height of the "athlete who was regarded as a perpetrator" is regarded as "the victim It was shown that it is higher than the average height of the athlete who played.

The average height of "Perpetrator" and "Victim" by position (Goal · Defense · Midfield · Forward). In the total of all positions, the average height of 'perpetrators' is about 0.85 cm higher than 'victims'.

In addition, when the difference in height between the two players was 1 to 5 cm, the proportion at which the taller player was fouled was 52.04%, whereas the height difference was 55.40% at the height difference of 6 to 10 cm, It is 58.81% when it exceeds 10 cm, and it is suggested that the more the height difference between the players who touched, the easier it is for the judgment of the foul to be biased by height.

Graph of the proportion of taller players taking a foul by different height / league.

In addition, 120 subjects (87 males and 33 females, the majority of whom went to football) recruited on the German soccer-related website showed a picture of two players holding balls and "a player on the left side I will fall down to the ground after this. "Then, the cause of the fall was classified as" a foul by the right player "," a dive (play that falsely toppled and pretended to have been fouled and deceived the referee) "" chance (merely falling) " As a result of choosing from three, if the player on the left was smaller than the player on the right, the proportion of the answer "foul by the right player" is much higher than the opposite case, which supports the existence of prejudice by height It seems that it was the result.

The image was processed so that one player was bigger than the other and randomly assigned to the subject.

If the player falling to the ground is smaller than the opponent, the percentage of responses "foul" is higher than in the opposite case. In addition, "Dive" and "Coincidence" of the fall cause are integrated into "No Foul".

In addition, when the subject inferred the height of the two players in the image and "Takumasa" (5-step evaluation), the average estimated height was 184.34 cm for large players and 174.76 cm for small players, Takumasasa "average of 3.56 large players and 2.59 petite players, it seems that large figures showed the prejudice of being" strong ".

Next, 196 subjects (176 males and 20 females, the majority of whom are soccer experienced) recruited in the online consumer panel are presented with the same image (However, if the left player is small in the image used last time I heard that the player on the left seemed to be closer to the ball and he was adjusted so that the distances from the balls of the two players seemed the same) and asked "Which player on the left or the player falls to the ground after this "After predicting the reason, I asked the reasons for choosing from" foul "" dive "" coincidence "just like the previous survey.

As a result, as to which of the players collapsed, there were many subjects who predicted that the smaller players would collapse, while the reason for falling down when small players crashed was that the proportion of "foul by opponent" was high On the contrary, when a big player crashed, the percentage of "no foul (dive or coincidence)" was high.

It is a law that even kindergarten children know that bigger children and smaller children fight to be treated as bigger people are more likely to be treated as bad guys, but even the world's top professional judges seem to be immune to this prejudice influence .

By the way, in rugby and American football, which are easy to judge foul as difficult as football, determination assistance with slow motion images from various angles has been introduced, but judgment of soccer isFifaIt is said that it still depends entirely on the eyes of people by the policy of.

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